The Escort

At the tender age of sixteen, Lily was roped into a life she never wanted, but it was one that brought her all the luxuries that the world could offer. Now, as bad as she wants out, she doesn't know if she can resist the sweet siren call of it. Will she get out before she falls in too deep? Or will the lifestyle drag her under before she has a chance to try?


5. Settled

It was surprisingly easy to live with Luke. You know how everyone’s always saying how hard it is to live with a roommate of the opposite sex? It seemed that he and I were an exception to that rule. We picked up where the other left off. The place was always clean; we respected each other’s privacy. It was nice to have someone care about me the way he did. It made my job a lot easier.

“Hey Luke, have you thought anymore about what I asked you?” He was sitting on the couch watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. He was more of a girl than I was.

“What? About being Evelyn’s new male escort?” A laugh escaped his lips.

“You could make a lot of money…” It was a joke but I was actually curious. He would be perfect.

“If I did that, I couldn’t keep the creeps away from you… You know her choice of clients isn’t always the best.” He pushed his fingers through his hair. It was short but luscious. I was always jealous of his hair. I could never get mine to cooperate like that. The whole hair flip thing was seriously out of my reach. “Your schedule is free tonight, right?”


“Well, I have movies. We don’t have to watch this.” He motioned to the TV. I didn’t mind watching Grey’s, but he was borderline obsessed with it. Since I moved in with him, I’d watched probably three full seasons. I’d only been here a month. It was hard telling how many episodes he’d watched without me here. I shook my head.

“Nah, this is fine.” I curled up next to him on the couch. Luke wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in close. If there was anything in this world that I wished I could have, it would be a relationship with someone like him. As it was, Luke and I were incredibly close friends. I didn’t think we’d ever cross that line. I settled into his chest and he hit play.

We were halfway into the second episode when my cellphone went off. I groaned. The ringtone was a special one for my mother, one that meant that she had a client at the last moment. I sat up and Luke moved his arm. I took the phone and looked at the screen. Even though I had mentioned that I wouldn’t have sex with the men again, it always seemed to slip Evelyn’s mind. I didn’t have a choice with this one. It was a special client. One that would pay the big bucks, or so the message said. I looked up at Luke, my eyes slightly wet from the dread. I didn’t want to have sex with this man.

“Lil, you don’t have to do this. You can say no.” He said. I showed him the text. There was no way I was getting out of this. My mom’s service had to be the sleaziest in town and everyone knew it.

“I wish I could.” I pushed myself up off the couch and went to get ready. I’d make this quick. There was no way I was going to entertain this guy for longer than a couple hours.


Mark. The man’s name was Mark and he lived up in Harlem. I got the creeps walking through the neighborhood this late at night. Actually, I never walked through Harlem. I gladly would have put up for a hotel tonight. Meeting someone on my terms. Meeting this guy on my terms. When my clients didn’t go through Luke I got a little sketched out. I arrived at his door a few minutes later. I knocked. A jolt of pure terror rushed through my body when he opened the door. I couldn’t explain it. There was nothing about him that was particularly scary. I was just scared.

A smile stretched across his face. He was about my height in the heels I was wearing. Around 5’10. I could smell meth in his apartment, which he hadn’t invited me into yet. He was leering at me. I must have been a sight though. I knew that I looked good. My hair was in its signature state. Soft brown curls around my face. A splash of deep red lipstick covered my lips. I was wearing nothing but a trench coat and stilettos per my client’s request. Nothing underneath. Mark extended his hand and I hesitantly reached out and grabbed his. He pulled me inside and I realized why I had been so terrified. I think he saw the look in my eyes before I realized that I’d let my composure slip. The look that said ‘run, bitch, run for your life’. He gripped my wrist tight and pulled me inside. He had a thing set up in the middle of the room that he was going to presumably tie me up to. I was fighting him every step of the way to it. But he outweighed me by more than fifty pounds. I didn’t stand a chance.

                “You’re what? 110 pounds?” He asked me. What an odd question. I gave up on trying to fight him. He brought me over to the cross looking thing, pulled my coat off, and tied my hands, waist, and feet to it. I saw how he was looking at my arms. Weird place to look considering I was stark fucking naked. He came up to me and dropped his hand between my legs and began to rub my clit. I was trying not to show him how good it felt. “Don’t fight me.”

I didn’t. I knew from all of my training that fighting a would be rapist wasn’t a good idea. Not that I had much to fight with. Everything was tied up. He moved his mouth to my breasts and started sucking on them as his fingers plunged inside me. I groaned. He stopped what he was doing and gave me a soft kiss. A smile spread across his face as he held a single finger up.

“Wait a minute, I’ve got something that will help you relax.”  He walked away. As soon as he was out of sight I tested the restraints. They were solid. There was absolutely nothing I could try to do to break out. There was no use in trying. I’d just let him do what he was going to do and then leave as soon as he untied me. But it seemed as though he was testing my time limit because he was gone for what seemed like forever.

When he returned he was holding a needle full of brownish liquid. That wasn’t what I thought it was, was it? He came up to me slowly and tied a shoestring around my arm. Oh, fuck. He slid the needle effortlessly into my vein and pulled back on the plunger. A steady stream of red filled the syringe mixing in with the liquid inside. Satisfied with his work, Mark pushed the plunger and the liquid was deposited into my veins. For a glorious moment, everything felt like nothing. Like my world was alright. Like he couldn’t hurt me. Like Luke was going to come for me at any moment. It made me feel like everything was okay. And then my world slowly faded to black.

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