The Escort

At the tender age of sixteen, Lily was roped into a life she never wanted, but it was one that brought her all the luxuries that the world could offer. Now, as bad as she wants out, she doesn't know if she can resist the sweet siren call of it. Will she get out before she falls in too deep? Or will the lifestyle drag her under before she has a chance to try?


7. Crazy Town- Day 1

They had told me over and over to stop calling it ‘Crazy Town’. I was a loony toon in Crazy Town. I could hear Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train” in the back of my head. The only liberties I had here were limited to playing checkers with the sketchy roommate or watching mind numbingly boring TV in the common room. When I say mind numbing, I mean it. We weren’t allowed to watch anything with violence or drug reference, and since they decided that my overdose was most likely a suicide attempt, I was on suicide watch.

“I’m going off the rails on a crazy train…” I sang the song softly. I’m pretty sure that talking to myself wasn’t going to get me out of here faster, but the song made me feel better. I think they call it making light of the situation or something like that.

I was ordered to be here for at least three days. Luke had been forced to get my mother involved in my treatment. They were trying to get me to move back in with her. Something about a support system blah blah blah. Evelyn was anything but a support system. I wanted to stay with Luke where I felt safe. Evelyn had banned him from coming to see me even though I’m one hundred percent sure that this whole thing was her fault. I had refused to let her see me, either. I knew that would extend my stay but keeping my head on straight was worth it. I wanted to know what had happened that night. Why Luke had found me. Why he hadn’t told me the circumstances. Had I come back home with a needle full of heroin? Or had he found me at Mark’s place? Only Luke knew that.

In the here and now I was playing checkers with Christina, the lady across the hall from me. She wasn’t winning by any means and I wasn’t even trying. I had little to no interest in the game. I was just wasting time away. I don’t think she was paying much attention, either. Honestly I don’t think this place was beneficial to any of us. It was like living life in rose colored glasses. It was all fine and good when were locked away from the evils of the world, but what would happen when we were released? Could we cope without the constant supervision from psychiatrists and therapists and the endless supply of drugs?

How would they know that sending me home to my mother would make me a sex slave again? Maybe Cassie had been right. Maybe I would end up like Meg. Maybe I would be the party girl who got high to deal with her life. Who wanted to be used as a fuck toy all day? Not me. When I signed up for this I stupidly thought I’d just be arm candy. I’d take a couple of mega rich people out in a week, make bank, then come home and go about my life. But in reality I was a walking sex doll for Evelyn Russo. I think that realization had been what ended Meg. She still worked for Ma, but I hadn’t seen her in years. She was a glorified prostitute now.

I thought about my lucky, chunky twin Cassie and wished more than anything that my figure wasn’t so important to me. I knew that I was shallow thinking that. But I found it hard to associate with people who didn’t care about themselves. Weight maintenance was one of the easiest things to do. Eat right, hit the gym, and you didn’t have to worry about all the cellulite or the rolls. Maybe that was just Mama’s programming. But I prized being beautiful. But I had brains too. I sighed and made a move on the checker board. I made myself vulnerable and Christina took my piece with her next move. I yawned and excused myself from the game.

They had painted the walls a mute pink. I imagine it was to make us feel calm, but all I wanted to do was scrape the color off with my fingernails. I hated pink. I walked the halls aimlessly and paused in front of my room. They kept the doors locked during the day so we wouldn’t sleep the day away. I would love to take a nap right now. I walked back towards the common area and sat on one of the couches. This was comfortable enough. I felt myself dozing off and let myself fall asleep.


Dinner time was right after the last group. After dinner we had individual therapy with our psychiatrists, were snowed with medication, then two hours later we were forced into bed. I was fine with that. I didn’t want to socialize anymore. I just wanted to be by myself. Or I wanted to call Luke, but my phone privileges had been suspended. He had the key to everything. It was at that moment that a sense of dread washed over me. My stomach dropped. What had Ma done to Luke? If he knew anything at all about any of this, she would surely have.. I felt sick. If I had put his life in danger… I couldn’t handle the thought of it. He had to be fine.

I wanted out of this place. Why was life so damn difficult? Why did no one believe me when I said I wasn’t a junkie? Maybe Evelyn had used Meg as an excuse. Well, addiction runs in the family. She could just be following in her sister’s footsteps. I shivered. I could almost guarantee that that’s what happened. I was staring up at the ceiling in my room. It was very hospital like. Clean, sterile. Void of any emotion. Was this what my life would be like from here on out? Would I be treated like I was fragile? God, I hope not.

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