The story of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff and a dear person in their life.


1. Winter - Pietro One-Shot

“You’re my best friend, Bella, do you know that?” ten-year-old Pietro Maximoff told a girl. She had raven dark hair that went to her waist, skin as pale as snow, and bright grey eyes with a matching bright smile. Pietro secretly thought she was the most beautiful girl he ever came across.

“I thought Wanda was your best friend?” she told him confused.

“She’s my twin sister, my little sister.” he clarified. “She’s my sister, but you’re my friend. You’re my best friend.”

“Aw, that’s sweet.” she cooed, bringing him into a hug. Pietro’s twin sister suddenly came to the two, enveloping Bella into a hug from behind.

“Bella!” Wanda greeted happily. “How is my best friend?”

“Hey!” Pietro pouted. “She’s my best friend!”

“Nuh-uh, she’s my best friend.”

Bella laughed at the two bickering over her, bringing them into a hug. “Both of you are my best friends.” she told them.

“I wish you were my sister.” Wanda said sadly. Pietro frowned at her wish.

“Nah that would be weird.” Pietro shook his head. Wanda copied his look, only to gasp as an idea came to her.

“We can be sister-in-laws!” Pietro and Bella gave her confused looks.

“What’s a sister-in-law?” Pietro asked his twin.

“It’s when your husband or wife has a sister on their side, and they’re called sister-in-law.
 Wanda explained. “The wife -or husband- and sister are then sisters through marriage.”

“Oh…” Pietro nodded. “So if I marry Bella, then you two will be sister-in-laws, and it won’t be weird for me either!”

“Yeah!” Wanda beamed.

“But I don’t like Pietro that way.” Bella pointed out. She frowned in thought. “Or do I…”

“Well either way, I am going to marry you in the future.” Pietro declared. “I can’t imagine you marrying someone else; you could get hurt. So I’m going to marry you.”

“And I want you to be my sister.” Wanda added.

“Did you just propose to me?” Bella wondered.

“I…I think so…” Pietro frowned. He removed the frown and gave her a toothy grin. “So, what do you say, Bells?”

“Okay!” Bella grinned.


“-Ultron thinks we’re monsters, that we’re what’s wrong with the world. This isn’t just about beating him. It’s about whether he’s right.”

After the speech Steve Rogers gave them, it was silent in the jet. Sitting next to Bella, Pietro intertwined his hand with hers, giving her hand a light squeeze. The diamond ring on her finger gave a small twinkle when it was hit with a small light source in the jet. “Everything will be okay.” Pietro whispered to her. “I’ll be there to protect you.”

The two were pulled out of their moment by Tony Stark. “So what’s going on between you two, eh?” he asked them. “You guys are married, right?”

“We saw your files.” Steve spoke up. “It said you and Wanda are twins, and that you and Bella are married.”

“You guys are quite young to be married.” Clint added, eyeing the ring on her finger. The twins and Bella smirked at each other in amusement.

“We’re not actually married.” Bella drawled out in her Sokovian accent. “We only said that to Strucker when we volunteered, so we’d be closer together.”

“So you two aren’t actually married.” Bruce stated.

“Yet.” Pietro spoke up. He sent a flirtatious wink Bella’s way, making her look away with a blush.

“Wait, I’m so confused.” Steve sighed. “You guys aren’t married, but you two are together though, right?”

“No, the two aren’t together.” Wanda spoke up. “They like each other, yes. But are they together? No, no yet. Unless one of them speaks their feelings to the other…”

Pietro and Bella gave each other awkward looks, a bit surprised at what Wanda revealed. They had the same feelings for each other? After all this time? “Well…” Pietro sighed, turning to grin at Bella. “It seems Bella and I are getting married then.”


Bella and Pietro were fighting robots together while having a casual conversation. “So we like each other, yes?” Pietro called out to her while casually running around killing Ultron’s minions. Bella used her telekinesis to tear one of the robots in half that was creeping behind Pietro. “I love you, you love me…”

“We have the season already, yes?” Bella asked him. “I want it in winter.”

“Here? In Sokobvia?”

“Where we first met? Sure!”

“Are you guys seriously planning a wedding?” Tony asked in their comm, his tone coated with disbelief.

“That’s kind of sweet.” Natasha added, having been saved by Bruce just moments ago from Ultron.

“Brother dear, you need to actually propose to her.” Wanda told Pietro.

“I thought the proposal when we were ten was enough?” Pietro said with furrowed brows, speeding behind Bella to kill a robot.

“We were just ten.” Wanda and Bella said together. Pietro huffed out a laugh, speeding to a stop in front of Bella.

“Fine then.” Pietro grabbed her hands in his, going down on one knee. “Isabella Maria Rosalie, will you marry me?”

An explosion erupted in the background from the Hulk, though the two paid no mind to it, the only thing the saw and heard were each other. Bella looked into Pietro’s light blue eyes that shone with happiness, his mouth lifted into his boyish grin, his white hair swaying with the wind. She never seen such a beautiful sight.

“Yes, I’ll marry me!” Bella knelt down and brought him into a kiss –their first kiss- while aware of placing a force shield around the two.

“I can’t believe that just happened.” Natasha said into the comm. Pietro and Bella pulled away, giving each other a goofy grin.

“On winter?” Pietro whispered to her.

“On winter.” Bella nodded.


Pietro noticed a quinjet coming towards Clint and a boy, bullets heading their way. Pietro stared at the two in fear, making his way to the two. “Pietro, no!” he heard Bella yell.

Using his speed, he brought Clint and the boy behind a turned over car. Expecting to be shot at multiple times, Pietro braced himself while making his last thoughts. I love you, Bella, he thought.

Feeling nothing, Pietro opened his eyes to see Clint staring at him in horror. He looked down at himself and saw no bullets on him. Confused, he looked at Clint again and followed his gaze. He followed it to behind him, seeing something that made his heart stop beating.

Bella was behind him, hands raised up weakly with a force shield wrapped around Pietro, Clint, and the boy. However, there were bullets in her that were supposed to be for him. “No…” Pietro breathed out.

“You didn’t see that coming?” Bella gasped out with a frail smile, falling to the ground.

“BELLA!” Pietro screamed.


“No…that isn’t true…please, I love her!” Pietro cried, the sound of Wanda crying distant to him. “Please…”

“I’m sorry.” Helen told them sadly. “There was nothing –”

“Pietro, look.” Pietro snapped out of his daydream, turning to his sister. She smiled at him sadly, and motioned to the balcony near them. “It’s snowing.”

“Winter…” he whispered, a small fond smile gracing his face.

“That was the season you and Bella were going to get married, wasn’t it?” Clint asked him gently. The twins, Clint and the team were all sitting in the living room in Stark Tower, celebrating Christmas together. Everyone was there, even Pepper, Rhodey, and Clint’s family.

They all stared at the twins sadly, though waited patiently for Clint’s question to be answered.

“Da…” Pietro nodded, staring out at the balcony that showed snow falling down to the ground softly. “Bella loved winter.”

“It was also the season both of us met her when we were little.” Wanda added, smiling down at her hot chocolate.

“She was wearing a blue beanie, with a large sweater and pants to keep her warm in the cold.” Pietro remembered. “She was making a snowman.”

“Can we hear more about her?” Clint’s wife, Laura, asked him hesitantly. “I want to hear more about her. She sounds lovely – and we named Nathaniel after her.”

“Nathaniel Bella Barton.” Pietro smiled at the small baby boy. “Bella was a lovely woman. Very selfless. Very kind. Always thought about others before herself.”

“Tell us about her.” Tony surprisingly said. “We never really got to know her like we know you two.”

“Yeah.” Natasha nodded. “Come on, I know you miss her. We all miss her. It’s good to tell somebody your true feelings about all of this.” Wanda gave him a small reassuring smile.

“Okay.” he sighed. “It was a winter like now, Wanda and I went out to play in the snow. Across from us was a family of three; two happy parents and their daughter. She was outside like us, playing in the snow. I remember looking over at her thinking she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw…”


The End

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