The Village

Angela Briand is a smart and sassy teenager who doesn't fear anything. Except maybe to be chosen for the Village.

The Village is a unique experience, provided by government, where thirty teenagers, aged between fourteen and sixteen years old, are choosen at random all over the country by lottery to participate.

The problem ? They are thrown into adulthood and Angela was determined to live fully her teenaged years.


1. Before

Today, it's tuesday. This sentence could be irrelevant for you, but you can truly not imagine how much I am lucky to be able to say it. 

I don't know exactly what happened between 9/11 and today, as history books always stop there. I think nobody does, except some high placed people. 

All I know, is that today, we are under the rule of King Dylan, that they ban dates and religions, that we just live like robots waiting for the moon to sleep and the sun to work.

I don't think King Dylan is a bag guy. I just think he is dumb. Maybe not dumb, but submissive. He does what his father did, and his grand father before him. He has a son named Nate, but we hasn't seen him since the day he was able to hide from the people's attention. I may be the only one, but I respect him for that. 

It doesn't matter what the king thinks, fact is he continue to control us like all his ancestors did. 

My grandmother was aware of the date, and I always thought that she knew about that missing period of time. She told me the name of the days and that they repeat themselves. She told me that knowing what day we are could help me in countless possible ways. 

But today we are tuesday, I knew it, and that didn't help me a bit.

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