Desperation Among the Apocalypse

Twelve years have passed since the discovery of cell and gene manipulation, and the horrors that were done with its discovery.
A man named Professor Valon did illegal experiments on his pets, manipulating their genes. After experimenting with his dog he discovered that it could extend someones lifetime by almost half, his wife was suffering from an incurable disease and decided to test it on her next, except--this time he didn't get the outcome he wanted.
Valon tampered his wife's body until she started showing signs of extreme itching, and her skin began to fall off. Then flesh started to rot from her while she still breathed. Her hair had fallen out in one night, and her nails had become soft and mushy, her teeth rotted out and she began to feel extreme pain from not being able to move her body. Her bones were cracking and tearing on the inside.
The worst part about this whole mess is that Valon's experiment made the reaction contagious, and this started an unstoppable pandemic.


1. Notice!

If you want to see me write this story, please leave me a like or something to let me know, otherwise I simply won't make the time for it. I have school work as well, so please show your support and I will pull through for you guys and gals!

I really want to write this one!

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