Raising Kane

The Queen has ruled with an iron grip for years. But even an iron grip isn't enough. She needs more power. And there is one person that can help her. An inventor by the name of Kane. She sends out her most powerful assassins- teenage girls called Devias- to find him. All have failed, and been killed. And now it's Natalia's turn.
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36. Chapter 35- Ambush


Kane’s POV



I freeze, finding myself eye to eye with one of the Queen’s Devias. Before I can think, she throws me to the ground, binding my hands behind me with rough rope. I’m too shocked to even fight. How had they caught up to us?! We had the sky rider. That covered more leagues than any horse ever could. Even riding at a full gallop, there was no way they would have caught us.

I’m pulled up into a kneeling position. A few seconds later, more Devias round the side, holding on to Natalia and Tallima. Both of them are thrown to their knees next to me. Natalia looks half conscious, and already there is a bruise forming on the side of her head.

“How did they catch us?” Tallima hisses at me.

“I don’t know,” I whisper helplessly.
    “Stop talking,” the Devia growls.
    “Love you too, Amanda,” Natalia mutters.
    Especially you, traitor!”

Well that’s a first.

There are smooth footsteps, and none other than the Queen rounds the side of my sky rider, running her hand along it like she’s already imagining everything that she can do with it.

“Kane. Tallin. Natalia,” she practically purrs. She pauses for a second to brush a hand against the side of Natalia’s face. Natalia shudders, and jerks her head away. The Queen smirks slightly, and keeps walking, until she is standing in front of me.

“Clearly I underestimated your powers. And of course, your convincing words. However, I believe you’ve escaped me for the last time.”

“We’ve done it once, we can do it again,” Tallima hisses.

The Queen laughs. “No. Not this time, Tallin.” She turns to look at me, and her eyes practically glow with intensity. “Now you are going to show us where your little workshop is. You’re going to give me access to everything. All your machines. However many more of these you may have.” She touches the sky rider lightly, and I want nothing more than to push her hand away- to push her away from my greatest creation. I should have left them hidden. I should have been prepared. But… they had come out of nowhere!

“Answer me this,” I whisper. “How did you find us? Not to mention catching up with us. We had a head start, a sky rider, and you had no idea where we were going. How?”

“No one should reveal all their secrets, Kane. Now, show me where your workshop is.”


She smiles darkly. “Or you may enjoy watching your dear Natalia be tortured in front of you. Oh, she’ll resist. She’ll probably stay strong until she dies. But you’ll be watching it.”

“You’ll kill her anyways.”

“Very well.” She turns to look at the Devias holding Natalia. “Cut her.”

One of them draws a knife, and my eyes widen as I realize that they will hurt her. I jerk forwards, but a Devia behind me yanks me back. I can only watch as Natalia’s guard places the blade against her arm, and slowly draws it across, drawing blood. Natalia is silent, but I can see from her eyes that it hurts.

The Queen studies my face, and lifts her hand to command them again.

“Wait.” My voice is barely a whisper, but she hears me and turns back.


“Don’t hurt her. I’ll take you to my workshop. Just… leave her alone.”

The Queen smiles. “I knew you would be willing to be reasonable.” She turns to look at the Devias around them. “Take them to the horses. The inventor can ride. The other two may enjoy walking.”

The three of us are pulled to our feet. I look away, afraid to meet Natalia and Tallima’s eyes. They probably think I’m a coward. But I won’t let her kill Natalia.

Already, a plan is forming in my head. It’s painful, and would mean… the end. Of everything for me. But if it means the Queen will never be able to use me again…

I am helped up onto one of the horses, and Natalia and Tallima are tied behind two others. Neither of them looks bothered. Natalia- now fully conscious- winks at Tallima and whispers something under her breath that makes both girls smile. I wonder how they still manage to joke in this situation. I wish I had their courage.

“You won’t be smiling soon,” one of the Devias snaps. “Keep up with the horses, or we’ll drag you the whole way.”

Natalia grins up at them. “Whatever you say.”

The devia mounts the horse, and smirks back at her. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. HYA!” She takes off, and Natalia loses her balance, jerked forwards by the rope tied to her hands. She falls, and is dragged a couple feet along the ground before the Devia stops the horse. “I said keep up, Natalia.”

“I’m trying!” she replies.

Nearby, Tallima is given the same treatment. She reacts with considerable cheerfulness, considering the fact that she was just dragged across the ground. Natalia meets eyes with me, and gives a slight nod of support.

The Queen mounts her own horse, and looks back at me. “Lead the way, Kane.”

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