Posy the Swan


1. Who is Posy?

They're both nice, and like the house modern.

Shelia said they made renovations but I can't really tell, of course I couldn't tell. This place wasn't my home but it would be-soon-now...Today.

She got really excited when she showed me my room but there was nothing in there.

"We planned on you staying in the guest room for now until we decorate your room, I wasn't sure how you wanted it so I decided why not wait till she gets here?" She looks to me now with excitement in her eyes. "David told me you're a bit of a visionary, is that right?" 

I figured most strangers would find that part about me annoying but she doesn't seem to mind not even in the slightest.

I can feel myself relaxing now. 

"I guess."

She smiles at me.

"I'll show you to the guest room."


Sheila helps me unpack my clothes and things. When she comes across my photo album she looks up at me and smiles. 

"Is this your Mom?"

I nod after collecting myself. It's been awhile since I've even looked at that.

Sheila tilts her head as she compares me to one of the photos in the album.

"You've got her eyes." 

I nod. I've heard that a lot. 

When we're done we head downstairs to find David waiting downstairs. 

He raises his eyebrows at me as his mouth forms a closed smile. 

"All set?"

"Yup." Sheila speaks for me.

"Then let's go."

David made at a restaurant reservations prior to everything, we got to eat out on a terrace overlooking the entire city. As the sky darkened the city lights grew brighter. 

"Pretty isn't it?" Sheila catches me staring but turns out they were both staring at me to begin with.

"Do you like this city Posy?" 

David makes a face.

"Posy?" I echoe.

"It's your name." Sheila tells me. "Isn't it?"


That's not my name. David shoots Sheila a funny look.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

"What?" She looks just as puzzled as I am.

"That's her name isn't it?"

Before David could correct her I speak.

"Yes, it is."

David watches me with an open mouth.

"My name is Posielle." 

He doesn't say anything just stares at me, after a while he just nods.




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