The Parfait Games

For The Selection Competition ---- Every four years, the kingdom of Parfait holds The Parfait Games for the most daring to try and enter. Pixies between the ages of 15 and 20 from all over the kingdom are able to enter their names in to be drawn as one of the two contenders from his or her county. Ten names are picked at random and one boy and girl from each county must work together to get through five dangerous tasks, one held in each county, and become the next champions. Winning means eternal glory, but entering may be the last thing you do if your name gets called. People can die in the games. Rules are there to protect the participants. But when sabotage strikes the games and teams are either too afraid to play on, or end up hurt and have to drop out, the games become more than dangerous; they become life and death. Some rules are there for a reason, but others are meant to broken. Who will win the games?


1. Map of Parfait



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