My Diary <3

Haii guys :3
This is my diary, i thought it could be fun to do a online diary <3 sooo here you go guys i hope you enjoy. This is a online diary so i will allways be wriding in it when i feel the need to :D


2. My lovely diary <3

My lovely diary <3 


Sooo i sent the link to my online diary to my boyfriend.. i don´t know if he is reading it or just looking. Since school have started i am going to miss him a lot. Maybe we won´t be able to like talk and text that much, which hurts because like i really love him, and i really love texting and talking with hime. That is what makes my day go fast, and i don´t know what i am going to do if i can´t text and talk with him that much.

But don´t worry my dear diary, i´ll figure something out.



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