My Diary <3

Haii guys :3
This is my diary, i thought it could be fun to do a online diary <3 sooo here you go guys i hope you enjoy. This is a online diary so i will allways be wriding in it when i feel the need to :D


1. Dear diary :3

Haii dear diary :P 


This is my first entry, so i´m just going to let you know some few things. 

For the first i´ve met this insane cute, cool looking guy who i really like, and who likes meh back i think :3 

I don´t really know if people will get pissed at the way i am writing this, and how i write some few things like meh but i don´t really care to be true.. >_< 

I´m kinda glad for school, but at the same time i hate it too :P There is some people who i like really didn´t want to have in my class, ´cause sometimes they can´t take things like a mature person would. And that to be true just really pisses meh off...

This guy who i really like is actually my boyfriend. And i am happy that i have him as my boyfriend, because at times he can be so cute and at other times he can be cool. 

Well now that i said that he can be cute sometimes like when he gets something right and he is like dancing in his chair which i personally think is cute :S or like when he is saying you are going to move in with me when you turn 18, and i´m like i don´t knoow maybe i wanna live like a year by myself first. Then he is still like no you will move in with me :P it is super kawaii!!


Well that´s all bye dear diary <3 :* 

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