I will bring you back


1. I will bring you back

"There you are your highness.", Mary ties the final bow in my hair and rests her hands on my chair. She stays in that position waiting for my comment, not knowing that I couldn't care less about my hair right now.

"That'll be all Mary.", I send her away and take a look at my reflection in the mirror. Who is this girl? Certainly not the one I was with you, Alex. Her eyelashes are highlighted with black mascara and her lips covered by raspberry lip gloss. Her hair doesn’t follow the wind, like when we climbed to the rooftop, it’s tied in braids and ribbons and instead of your huge hat there is a tiara. She’s beautiful. A true princess, like anyone would imagine, but … she doesn’t feel like me.

Someone knocks on the door and lets themselves in. Who else can it be, besides my mother.

“You look mesmerizing.”, she comments observing me from head to toe. I stand up and take another look in the tall mirror on my wardrobe. My whole look finally completed after hours of preparation.

“Yeah, the girl in the mirror certainly looks very beautiful.”

“Isabella, it’s not ‘the girl’, it’s you. You are the beautiful one and you are the princess and my daughter.”

I begin playing with my bracelet.

“No, I’m not. I’m no longer the daughter you raised, I’m a new person.”

She quietly sighs and rubs her forehead.

“Can we not start with this again?”

I put on my polite smile, getting ready to play my role, and reply:

“Of course. Let’s go make our entrance.”

Just as usual, the ballroom is filled with people who all go quiet when our names are announced.

“Princess Isabella and her mother queen Katrine.”

All looks are on us, while we descend the stairs and then, following the etiquette, they continue their conversations. I am invited to a dance by Prince George, but I refuse. There is no point in wasting his time, he’ll find someone else to court that might actually become his wife.

Then I see you. You’re there, Alex, right in front of me. In a tuxedo my mom’s friend Caroline probably bought you. You look really handsome. Even if you, like me, don’t look like yourself. Your hair is carefully combed and put into order, no trace of your messy curls.

Oh, Alex, if only you could remember me. If only you hadn’t taken that pill my father gave you. You’d remember me now and we’d be a thousand miles from here.

But, I know we will be. Someday. I promise you, Alex, I will bring back your memories. And then they would have no way of separating us.

I approach you, trying not to run, trying to look natural. When you see me, a smile spreads across your face. Not the one you used to give me, but still a real smile.

“Miss Isabella, I hoped you’d have some time for me.”

“I can always find time for you.”, I reply with a hopeful smile and then address Caroline who’s standing next to him. “May I take him from you?”

She gives me a stern look, which is immediately replaced by her friendly smile.

“Of course, go enjoy yourselves.”, you offer me your hand, which I happily take. “And Isabella,”, Caroline adds, before we leave. “Be sensible.”


We go to the garden, where we first kissed. Of course you don’t know that, but someday you will. I hope. We are overlooking the whole garden from a terrace, you can see all the different areas of it and the lights my mother ordered are blinking tenderly.

“Another beautiful place, Isabella.”, so seeing it doesn’t have any effect on you.

Alex, how do I bring you back?

“Yeah, I have an eye for them.”

“I thought the square”, where we first met, “ and the bronze statue in the park”, our first date was there, “were beautiful, but I must say this garden beats it.”

“Having in mind how many gardeners take care of it, it better be.”, I joke and you laugh with me. At least the sound of your laughter hasn’t changed.

You look down and I see your face getting more serious. Hesitance spreads across it as you say:

“Isabella, can I ask you something?”, you lean against the stone cold railing. I come closer to you, desperately hoping you have remembered something.

“Yes.”, my hand is only millimeters from yours.

“Why do you always take me places?”

Oh. You don’t remember anything.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I do, I love it. But umm I just noticed every time you see me, you take me to some beautiful place away from our parents and everyone and I … I was wondering why that is.”, what do I say? I can’t tell you what I’m doing, I know that will scare you. I also know everyone else will tell you I’m lying, making it up, I’ll lose any chance of saving you.

“It’s a bit complicated.”, you turn towards me and in that movement your hand touches mine, which sends goosebumps up my whole body. You look down at our now touching hands.

“Is it?”, your other hand moves up my neck where your thumb stokes me. I am too scared to move and I think you sense that. You lean closer to me very slowly until our lips touch. I put my hand on your chest, which encourages you to step closer to me. Now I can feel your heart beating and I am sure you can feel mine.

You pull away your lips, but our foreheads stay touching. Your hand is still on my neck and I take hold of it. We stay like that, breathing each other’s air, before you interrupt the silence.

“So my guess was right.”, I don’t answer, only smile. A smile I haven’t used in weeks.  I haven’t felt like this since you took that terrible pill. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?”, you ask me as you pull back and look at me.

“How long?”, I smile curiously, completely diving in the current moment.

“As embarrassing as it might sound,”, you admit, “since our first meeting. ”

“You’ve wanted to kiss me since then?”, It’s nice to hear you say such things to me again.

“Since the moment you said hi to me.”

“Then why did you wait that long?”

You look down. Your shy look, I saw it for the first time when you invited me on a date.

“I didn’t know if you want to kiss me too.”

I take your hand in mine.

“I did.”, you smile again. This time you’re happy, so I reply with the same. You lean in for a second kiss, but then someone’s footsteps are heard and I step away. It’s my father, the last person in the world I want to see.

“I was looking for the two of you, Caroline said you’ve escaped together. Again.”, he smirks. “Sorry to interrupt you, but Isabella has hostess duties and Alexander’s mother needs to see him.”

“Let’s go then.”, I say with a fake smile.


After the ball, and three amazing dances with you, my father takes me to his cabinet, inviting me to sit on the guest chair. He’s comfortably sitting opposite me, only the desk separating us.

“So I see the things between you and Alexander are warming up.”

“You can delete that grin, your plan is not going to work.”

His expression changes from satisfied to grim.

“Why must you be against me Isabella?”

“Is that a serious question?”

“I have made your relationship possible. You fell in love with a nobody, absolutely no royal blood in his veins. You couldn’t be with him, he was going to ruin your whole future.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I know you two wanted to run away, hide somewhere. You think you could have graduated university? Without me funding you and covering your daily needs?”

“They’re student loans nowadays. Plus, Alex had a job offer, a relatively high paid one I might add.”

“He couldn’t have earned that much and you would have lived in poverty and stress. Not to mention, the reputation of our family. We are royals, Isabella, we’re not allowed to break stereotypes just because our lives will be happier that way. The whole nation is looking up to us, we can’t make mistakes.”

I crossed my hands, as I tried to hold back the tears building in my eyes. My own dad would do this to me.

“So just because I didn’t want to live the life you imagined for me, you drugged the love of my life? Not only that, you asked another family to lie he was their long-lost son who was miraculously found.”

“Caroline and Phillip never had a child and they’ve always wanted one, they accepted gladly.”

“Then what about the drug?”

He stared at his desk, taking a long breath.

“I didn’t want it to happen like that, but that was the only way to make him give up on running away with you.”

“I have a hard time believing that.”

“Don’t forget I could’ve just sent him to jail for life. It’s not hard framing someone for a crime, you know. Especially when you are the king.”, I refuse to look at him, “But I didn’t. I acknowledged the fact that you love each other and made arrangements so that you can still be together.”

“I can’t listen anymore.”, I push back my chair and go to open the door. My father runs after me, pulling my arm.

“Isabella,”, he pleads to my back, “I tried to make everyone happy.”, I slowly turn around to look at him, tears dripping down my cheeks.

“Why couldn’t you erase my memory too?”


The next morning, I wake up to the rays of the sun beaming in my face. Another day has come for me to bring you back. Soon I hear Mary knocking on my door.

“Your highness, are you awake?”

“Yes.”, I straighten myself up, “Come in.”

She opens the door and with a polite smile asks:

“Are you having breakfast with your family or in your room?”

“My room.”

“Very well, I will bring it to you in a few minutes. Would you like me to bring you some of your clothes from the laundry as I come up?”

I peer into my wardrobe to check if I have anything to wear.

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

“See you in a while, your highness.”, she bows and closes the door behind her. I have about fifteen minutes before she comes back up. I climb out of bed, heading to the bathroom. Hm, my toothpaste is almost finished, I need to tell Mary to bring me some more.

After I finish with my morning routine, I go to my wardrobe where I need to find a proper outfit. My mom and I are coming to your house for tea today, so I need to pick something very carefully. It’s one of the very few times when I can pick my outfit. I need to choose something you’ve seen me wear before. Something that can remind you of us. I still have your t-shirt here, the one you gave to me when you went on a school trip for a week. You said while you’re gone all I need to do is wear it and I’ll feel like you’re holding me. It’s perfect for my purpose, but not really appropriate for tea amongst the high society. I need a dress. Oh, I see the thing I need. The white dress with small cherries on it, it’s classy, yet casual, perfect for afternoon tea with family friends. But, more importantly, you gave it to me. For Valentine’s day a year ago. We had a fight about it, I can’t believe you don’t remember. I said it’s lovely, but you shouldn’t have wasted your money on things like that. It’s just that it was too expensive and I knew you could put the money to a much better use, living on your own and all. You thought I pity you and think you can’t make enough money.

Oh, Alex, how I wish you remembered, how I wish I could tell you this story and we would laugh at our dumb fight. Then you would say how in the end I came to your house and apologized for making you feel that way and you’d bought me flowers to apologize for over-reacting. But, I know you’ll remember, I won’t stop until you do.

I put on the dress and start to make my hair in front of the mirror. Mary knocks on my door with a tray in one hand.

“Your highness, breakfast.”, she announces and puts it on the small table next to me. “The queen would like to talk to you, should I let her in or tell her to come at another time?”

“Tell her to come in.”

“Yes, your highness.”, she bows again and exits. Doing my hair would have to wait for now, I move to the table and begin to sprinkle salt on my eggs. Then I hear a noise and my mom lets herself in. She sits on the chair next to me and with a tired face enquires:

“How is breakfast?”

“Good, I’ve wanted to eat eggs for a few days.”

“You know,”, she tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, “you and your dad should stop this fight of yours.”

“Mom,”, I pull away, “he’s the one who started it, you know that.”

“Yes, but he told me he explained to you what he did was for your own good.”, she insisted and put her hand on top of mine, “Whatever it is that he did.”

My poor mother. She doesn’t know anything about you Alex, she didn’t even know you existed until you were introduced to her as Caroline’s long-lost son. I kept you a secret, my parents couldn’t know, for the precise reason of what is happening now. I knew they wouldn’t approve. But … things were getting serious between us, you wanted to know about me, about my world, so I took a leap. A mistake obviously. If only I hadn’t chosen the two weeks when mom was in Italy, visiting her cousin. Then maybe she would have persuaded him to let us go, or not to erase your memory. At least she would’ve known what’s going on. Back then I thought, maybe it’s better to do it one parent at a time, avoid too much drama. Another mistake. 

Now, I can’t tell mom. My father didn’t tell her and I think I know why. I think he knows she’ll hate him, I think he’s ashamed to tell her he’s not the man she knows him as. He did take care of me for eighteen years, so I’m respecting he wants to keep this secret away from mom. But that’s all the kindness he’s getting from me. Ever.

“Mom, it’s between him and me.”

“But when my two most loved people fight it involves me.”, I don’t reply to that, just take a bite of my eggs. “I can see you’ve changed since I came back from Italy. Both of you.”

“Look, mom, some things happened between me and him and if he’s not telling you, I’m not telling you either. Just know our relationship is different, but it has nothing to do with you. I know we’re making you sad, but … you’ll just have to live with that.”


After two hours of driving, we finally arrive at Caroline’s place.

“I see coming to Alexander’s house makes you happy.”, mom comments with satisfaction. I wish she wouldn’t call it your house, it’s not, your house is painted blue and located outside town, it has nothing to do with this place. I also wish they wouldn’t call you Alexander, it sounds too posh for you, Alex.

Speaking of you, you’re waiting at the entrance for us. The moment you see me getting off the car your smile grows ten times. You have no idea how long I’ve waited to see that again.

“It’s nice to see you again.”, I greet you and then turn to Caroline, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Caroline, how are you today?”

“Very well, thank you for asking Miss Isabella.”, she then proceeds onto her duties and invites us all inside for the long-expected tea.

The whole time you try to steal a look at me, which I of course return. If only there wasn’t the unsaid rule that you must stay at the table for at least an hour. I check the clock every two minutes, whilst trying to look involved in the conversation.

“That is a rather nice dress, you are wearing Isabella.”, Caroline comments. Yes, bring attention to the dress. Maybe when you see it, Alex, you’ll remember. Not everything, but possibly a small part.  

“Thank you.”

Mom also takes a look at me, sipping her tea and then puzzled asks:

“Where did we get it from, I don’t really remember ordering it.”

I should have guessed this question is going to be asked, but I was so determined to find something you’ll remember I forgot about the complications.

“It’s a gift from grandma, I haven’t worn it before, that’s why you don’t remember it.”

“Speaking of dresses,”, Caroline interrupts, “Katrine you must see this new fabric I brought from Spain. I believe you will like it very much.”

“If you’re going to look at fabrics and talk about dresses can I not come?”, you ask and then wink at me. Caroline looks at you, hesitantly, ‘it’s not exactly polite to do that’, she’s thinking. Thankfully, my mom links hands with her, remarking:

“Oh, Caroline, leave the kids to have fun, I bet they are a much more interesting company to each other than we are to them.”, Caroline chuckles and leads my mom upstairs, but not before warning:

“You two behave.”, you think this is just the usual mother carefulness, so you answer:

“Of course, mom.”, don’t call her that, Alex, she’s not your mother. But you don’t notice me cringing for a second, as you take my hand and lead me through the corridor.

“Where are we going?”, you ignore my question and stop in front of a door.  Slowly you press the handle, as the door squeaks. You take me into the biggest library I’ve ever seen. I swirl around, trying to take in the whole room, which now I realize it’s impossible. Then my eyes land on you. With a shy smile, you tell me:

“You always take me to nice places, so I decided to do the same.”, you stroke my hand, “Even if I took the idea from Beauty and the Beast.”

I laugh, letting you put your arms around me. You do that instinctively, like you used to before, but then you realize it and begin to pull away. No, Alex, come back, don’t leave.

“You didn’t say anything about my dress.”, I say playfully, desperately trying to bring your attention to my only tool for the time being.

“Well, I didn’t wanna get lovey-dovey in front of our mothers.”, you reply holding my hands.

“So you like it?”, I pretend this is a joke and not another attempt.

“How can I not?”, you pull me closer and kiss me. I put my hands around your waist, bringing you even closer to me. C’mon, Alex, remember. Remember how we used to kiss on random benches in the park. Remember how my body feels against yours.

“Isabella,”, you take a quickened breath against my lips, “you’re frying my head.”, you try to pull back, but I don’t let you.

“Is that bad?”

“Things are happening so quickly, I …”

I look into your eyes.

“It took us three weeks to kiss for the first time, you think that’s quick?”

The happiness on your face is replaced with worry.

“The kiss is not what I’m talking about. It’s just that … we met three weeks ago, we barely know each other. But, I’ve wanted to kiss you since day one and every day from then I … can’t stop thinking about you. Which is scary, having in mind how little we’ve spoken.”

“I also think about you, it’s-“

“You don’t get it. I don’t just think about you like a high school crush. Every time I look at you I have this urge inside me to tell you that …”

“Tell me what?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy.”, you let go of me.

“No,”, I pull you by the arms and look your straight in the eyes, “I won’t.”

You stare at me for what seems like a minute and declare:

“The urge to tell you that … I love you.”, did you just say that? I feel my heartbeat fasten, just like the first time you said it. My cheeks flush. I press  my lips onto yours, which surprises you, but soon you relax and pick me up. I wrap by legs around you, as I’ve done it hundreds of times before. Memories come to me of the two us. Oh, I wish there was some way for me to transfer all of them onto you. I wish it wasn’t that hard and I didn’t need to get my hopes up only to get disappointed so many times.

You pull your lips away from me.

“Our mothers are coming down, I can hear their footsteps.”, I pull away and you put me down. We have only seconds before they come in, so I turn to you, stroke your hair and whisper:

“I love you too.”


I’m back at the castle, having dinner with my father. Mom is on the phone in the room next door talking to grandma, she’ll probably take ages.

“So I heard you visited Alexander’s house today.”

“It’s not his house, it’s Caroline and Phillip’s.”

My father gives me a tired look.

“You know, if you stop fighting it, you might actually feel better about the current situation.”

“You only say that ‘cause you think I’ll forgive you then.”

“No, Isabella, I’m saying it because I can see you’re not happy. You’re looking for someone who’s not there anymore. Why don’t you try to be happy with the boy you have?”

“I will never stop searching for him. I will find Alex and bring him back.”

“Searching for him only makes you miserable.”

“But when I bring him back, I’ll be happier than I’ve ever been.”

My father rubs his forehead countless times.

“Isabella, what makes you so certain he’s still there?”

I smile to myself, as I’m reminded of earlier.

“Because today he told me he loves me. He said, he’s loved me since we met. You know what that means? It means Alex is somewhere there, in his subconscious, I only need to look for him.”

“How do you know it’s not his new self that loves you?”

“I find it hard to believe he fell in love with me by simply seeing my beautiful face.”


After the talk with my father I lost all appetite. Partly because I couldn’t be in the same room with him, but also because I felt excited. I finally had something, I had proof you’ll come back to me. All I need to do now is find a way to bring you back.

I’m wearing my pajamas, looking through my jewelry box and trying to tidy all of it. It’s not that nobody else can do it, but I need to do something with all that nervous energy. My mom knocks on the door, I recognize her shoes graciously stepping on the marble floor.

“Evening, your dad said you left.”

“Wasn’t feeling hungry.”

She sits next to me on the bed and helps me sort out my jewelry. As if I don’t know she’s come here with a purpose.

“He said you and Alexander were getting closer.”, I blush as I think of today’s kiss. And yesterday’s. And the way you looked at me when we left. “So I guess he was right then.”, my mom chuckles. I only giggle, realizing that’s the ultimate girl-in-love move. “I know it’s probably early for this, but being a royal changes some things. Do you think you would marry him one day?”

Marry you. I realize I’ve never thought about it like that. Yes, we were going to run away, but we never talked about getting married. Now that mom says it, it makes perfect sense, I even get excited.

“Well, you’ll have to ask him too, but I think … yeah, he could possibly be my husband.”

“I’m glad you think that.”, she stops pretending to tidy jewelry, “Caroline and I discusses this while we were upstairs today. A person only needs one look at the two of you to see there’s something special.”, so even mom sees it. “Why are you blushing, it’s normal to be inlove.”

“Because,”, I laugh, “you two discussed us, that’s so … weird.”

“Well, Isabella, mothers tend to be weird sometimes. It’s all these years extra we’ve lived.”, I laugh again. “I’ll go keep your father company now, enjoy your evening.”

“Bye mom.”, I wish her and reach for my phone.  I open the photos app, digging for some of our old pictures. I know I can find a way to make you remember Alex, there must be. What you said to me today proves it. Maybe if I show you our beach, or the picture from Disneyland. I took you to Disneyland for your birthday, I thought it’ll be funny, having in mind you were turning eighteen and finally a grown man. I even found a place that served alcohol, so we can properly celebrate you being old enough to drink it legally. One of the best days we’ve had. Oh, here’s a picture of us building a bird house, your idea of bonding and fun Sunday afternoon. I admit I had fun, but I injured my finger with the hammer and couldn’t show my hand in public for days. Which, being a princess, was a challenging. But you were very gentlemanly then. You took me to the hospital to get checked, you opened jars for me, helped me carry things. You helped me so much, I barely had to use my hand that week.

Oh, Alex, where are you now?

My phone rings with your melody. Initially I’m startled and just look at it, but then I hit answer and put it to my ear.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Bells.”, you cry. Bells, it’s what you called me, the nickname you gave me.

“Alex, what’s wrong?”

“I need to see you. Wait outside your house, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

I hang up and go straight into my wardrobe for some jeans and a t-shirt. What’s happening? Could it be? How do I sneak out without getting noticed? What if one of the servants sees me? I pull my jacket off its hanger and run downstairs to wait for you.


It’s cold outside, I should have picked a different jacket. It’s raining heavily. By now I’m soaked and the wing doesn’t really help.

 But then I see you and I forget all about the coldness. You’re coming, running towards me. Before I realse, you reach and hug me urgently. I wait for you to let me go, before I look into your eyes. I see it. It’s you, you’re back, I can see it in the way you look at me, by the way you touch me, I can feel it.

“You remembered.”, I touch your hair, which is now messy again from all the wind.

“Yeah, I’m back.”, you pull me even closer.

“But how?”

“I had a dream.”, you stroke my cheek and give me a small smile. “After you left, I fell asleep watching a movie on the sofa. As I dozed off, your words kept spinning and spinning in my head and I saw your face, smiling and laughing and talking to me. Then it grew into series of flashbacks from these past few weeks, until … I saw you at the beach.”, the beach, where I first said I love you. “At that point I knew something was wrong, I thought ‘we’ve never been to the beach together’ and yet the image seemed so vivid, so … real. It kept replaying and replaying. Then I felt it, that tingly kick in my stomach when you said you love me for the first time. I could feel there was something wrong, that the memory was true. I started questioning everything, I knew. So I couldn’t stay in that house any longer, I ran outside and wandered for hours. Slowly, more and more memories came back to me, you, my life before you, our late nights, the reasons you brought me to all these places. When I had it all mostly figured out, I called you, I needed to see you. After all this time.”

I embrace you even stronger than you did a few second ago.

“I knew you were in there, I knew I could bring you back to me.”, I beam with happiness. It’s all over, you’re back with me. You press your forehead against mine, but, instead of kissing me, tears fall down your face.

“Oh, Bells, what have you done?”, shocked I pull back.

“What do you mean?”, I hold your wrists, as I beg, “What do you mean, Alex?”

“I wasn’t supposed to remember. We were supposed to have a fresh start.”

“Supposed to? Did you plan this?”

“That night when your dad took me to his office,”, oh that dreadful night, how I hate myself for leaving you alone with him. He wouldn’t have given you the pill if I was in the room. “He told me I have two choices. Either run away or take the pill and forget everything.”

Of course, I should have guessed so.

“You chose the pill, didn’t you?”

“We could be together, without complications. And you didn’t have to give up your future for me.”

I want to tell you how foolish you were, how that was going to be a lesser relationship, how I can’t live without the real you, Alexander is a good substitute, but it’s not you.

But I can’t. Your words make perfect sense. Of course you would sacrifice yourself for the future of our relationship and even my own future. Of course in my dad’s intimidating presence you couldn’t think about these small details. I bet he didn’t even give you the time to choose.

“Oh, Alex.”, I take your face in my hands. “If only I was in there with you.”

“So what? You can get your memory wiped too? Or see me get humiliated by your father?”

“Well I … I would’ve … I don’t know, things would’ve been different.”

“Well,”, you look down, “you weren’t, we can’t change that now.”

How I wish I could. How I wish I could tell you back then not to take the pill. We should’ve just ran, I should’ve never introduced to my father. But … I can’t change the past. I can only affect the present.

“So … since you’re back, should we continue with our original plan? Run away somewhere far off?”

You pull away from me, frightened, yet determined.

“I can’t do that, Bells.”

“Why not? Did someone threaten you?”

“No.”, you deny, looking away from me.

“Then what?”

You ignore my question.

“I want to stay and I don’t want anyone else knowing the pill had a defect.”

“But why?”

With pain in your eyes, you tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“I have a family now. They might not be my real parents, but …”, you look up at me, “I feel at home with them.”

I get closer to you, confused from what you’ve just said.

“You didn’t want to have a mother and father, you said  that you’re happy you’ve never had them.”

“Because I never knew what I was missing.”, you yell at me, “I was happy with my childhood, because I didn’t know I could’ve had a better one.”

“But Caroline and Phillip are not your parents.”

You take me by the shoulders and start shouting in my face.

“I’ve been an orphan my whole life, Bella, whole life. No one has ever wanted me, no one has ever cared for me. No one. So if now two people want to do it, I’m not going to say no.”

“What about me? I want you, I more than just care for you, why can’t we start our own family?”

You let go of me. Giving me a sad look, you say:

“It’s different, Bella. But you’ll never know that. You’re lucky enough not to have to.”, you shrug and turn away from me. You start walking the into the night, leaving me alone. After all these weeks of trying to bring you back, after this whole year we’ve spent together, you leave me to go to your fake family.

No. That’s not how it’s going to end, I won’t let it. I run after you, trying to catch up.

“Alex, wait,”, you stop and turn towards me, “you’re right I’ll never get it. But … if that’s the way you want it to be, I’ll follow your wish. We can stay.”

“You really mean that?”

“Alex,”, I rest my hands on your chest, “I’ve fought for you for weeks, I’ve loved you for months, I’m not letting you go that easy. You want to stay, we’ll stay, if you want to leave, we leave, I don’t care. I just want to be with you.”

You smile at me and bring me even closer.

“I love you, Bella.”





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