Be Careful What You Wish For

"I wish you'd just die already."

And at that very moment my whole life came crashing down.


4. ::3::

The next day I went back to the small library to return the book I had been borrowing, but as I neared it I saw police and people surrounding it. I watched confused and saw a large hole in the side of the library.

"What happened?" I asked one of the people I recognised for being a regular customer.

"Somehow a shark flew into the library and ate Caleb." Caleb was the name of my boss, well ex-boss. I was beyond confused; did this really happen? Maybe it was a coincidence, yeah it was a coincidence.

"Just Caleb?" I bit my lip gently, seeming very curious which I was.

She nodded. "It just jumped in, ate him, then died," she shrugged but also looked sad because Caleb was loved by many. "People have even said that it had a red glow to it, and it wasn't blood."

I didn't know what to think about it. It was so unlikely to happen; 0 out of a billion but it happened, and that shocked me. And it happened after I had wished it to happen. But like I said; it must be a coincidence.

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