Be Careful What You Wish For

"I wish you'd just die already."

And at that very moment my whole life came crashing down.


3. ::2::

Once I got home i lay on my bed, punching my pillow in anger. I did nothing but he had to fire me, liKE COME ON, MAN. He didn't even know the full story, not that he'll listen to me.

"I actually hate him, with a passion," I mumbled to myself. "And that meanie lady." I began to pout to myself like a child. Some people say I resembled a child, which I didn't mind them saying. It's better than being called old.

Now I have no way of getting money; well I mean I can get another job but that won't be easy, people don't hire for the sake of it. They want people with skills – I'm not one of them.

I wished really hard that my boss would get eaten up by a shark that somehow got on land and into the small library, he deserved it. Well I'm being over dramatic but he fired me for no reason, he just listened to that snobby woman over his own employee.

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