Elements Of The Devil

In Today's world, every person is born with a power to control one of the four elements. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. A boy called who goes by the name Ash Emery. Is born with none of theses powers to control any of the four elements. Instead he comes to learn he is the controller of an entirely new element. The death element. He also comes to learn that he can control and manifest the most rare and power Purple lightning. But theses powers only mean trouble for Ash, Through is laughter and suspense. When he finds out about his strange appearance and powers and who his Dad really is, it just makes sense. Will he have to fight, or will it consume him, or go insane, or do all three.

--(This book will have strong Language and Sexual References, and Touching Themes, I have warned you!)--


5. Chapter 5 - Purple Electrical Problems


As Ash Crept through the dark miserable forest, He started to have a weird feeling. It felt as if he was about to explode he felt his heart pumping faster, getting faster each step he took. He stopped walking and clutched his blade in his hand.

What the fuck is wrong with me! Whats happening? Ash started to panic, not knowing what was wrong with himself. The hand that wasn't holding his knife, started to burn it felt like someone was trying to get out of his hand (If that's even possible?) He clutched his hand in desperation to stop it hurting, he looked down at it and it was glowing a purple color.

Ash mesmerized on what was going on at his hand freaked. "What the fuck!" His hand started to move up his body and into the air. He knew this wasn't him, he wasn't doing this. He felt a smile appear on his face, he couldn't stop himself. Ash's hand started to glow a brighter purple. "Ahhhhhhh, get out of my head" Ash screamed at the voices, before he felt something almost push him out the way.

As soon as that happened his back arched and he flew his hand up in the air. A beautiful but darkening purple flew out of his hand. He began to laugh manically he seemed to almost me possessed, but he wasn't some part of him knew this was all him. After the purple light had gone all that was around him was darkness. He picked up his knife and carved a star into the tree.

When he was almost finished drawing the star, Ash's Eyes brightened to a fiery red  as he heard a twig break behind him, It was Elliot. He growled.

-- Before --

Elliots P.O.V

He can't be that stupid can he? He can't see that i'm awake. I chuckled at this thought. He seemed so clever, but he was so stupid, why is he jumping out the window? He knows there will be a punishment if he goes out at this time at night, or maybe he doesn't care. He seems to be that sort of guy.

After he jumped out the window, i jumped out of the bed and i was watching him sneaking around the gardens, it was quite funny actually. Ash then stopped in his tracks seeing a girl sat down in the moonlight, he silently snuck up to her and made her jump.

After i saw him scare her, I climbed out the window, their was a drain pipe right beside our room, i really don't know why he jumped, maybe he just was just a bit of a dare devil. Who knows? 

I manage to climb down the drain pipe, i snuck quickly around the gardens to wear Ash and the Girl was sitting i hid behind a bush, soon after i got their Ash left her. I wanted to know what was happening. so after Ash was completely out of sight i walked over to the girl.

"Psssssstttt....." I got her attention. She turned around it was Alexis!

"Oh Hey! Elliot, why are you out here?" She asked me.

"Well... I couldn't sleep and i saw Ash get out of bed and jump out of the window, I wanted to know what he was doing..." I scratched my head and shrugged "Sooo I followed him" I burst out into giggles.

She laughed quietly "Well Elliot... I think its good that your here because Ash was acting quite strange when he was here." She tried to smile. "He had a knife and placed it beside him and started laughing at it." She exclaimed with a worried look on her face.

I gave her a worried look back. "Do you know where he went?" I asked. 

"It looked like he made his way into the woods." Alexis replied, i could see she was nervous for him.

"Im gonna see whats going on with him, do you want to tag along?" I asked hoping she would say yes, as i would love some company.

"I would love too, but Im just thinking about stuff..." She gave me a small smile.

"Okay... bye then, see you soon. I said whilst i started to make my journey into the woods.

-- Few Minutes Later --

I found Ash, he was surrounded by trees and knelt on the floor facing away from me, Lucky he was, i snuck behind a bush and watched him.

Suddenly his back arched, he let out a maniacal laugh. I furrowed my brows as i watched in confusion.My nerves hightning sllightly, No actaually alot, stop lying to yourself.

Suddenly I heard a loud rumble in the sky. I saw a dark purple flash come out of Ash's Hand, and it rose up to the sky like a lightning spike, as it did i heard a loud crack as it hit the sky. I felt heart beating faster as i was scared for my life, this boy that seemed harmless at first is now doing this.

I looked up at him behind the bush, he got out his knife out. to my surprise he was making a shape in the tree i thought he was gonna like kill someone with it. I was started to get nervous and my back was hurting from bending over for so long, I heard a snap an looked down, SHIT i thought. I looked up, his fiery eyes looking my way.

-- Present Time --

"Come out, come out. wherever you are" Ash taunted with a deep voice, now looking more demoniacal​ than he had ever been.

Elliot stepped hesitantly out from the bushes with his lime green puppy eyes, Elliot held up his hands not knowing what to do in this situation.


"Oh dear, just look at you." Ash flung his hand up fast. Dirty, rotting Hands flew up from the ground and held on to elliots ankles, They pulled him to the ground. More came up and grabbed his arms. Elliot struggled to get out of their grasp, It was no use.

"YOU DICKHEAD!" Elliot shouted in frustration.

Ash stalked up to him and bent down onto his knees. "Tut,tut.tut. You interrupted my beautiful drawing... Now your gonna stay their until i'm done." He said harshly to Elliot. Elliot glanced at the star on the tree, it started to dimly glow. It look so familiar but he couldn't quite place his finger on what the symbol was about.

Elliot let out a loud frustrated growl. Ash just rolled his eyes and left him with the hands just holding onto him more tightly.

After two minutes he had finished. It was glowing purple. 

Ash bent down to Elliot, "Its beautiful isnt it?" Ash laughed darkly. 

"Ha, yeah..." Elliot said sarcastically "Now can i just go, you don't seem to be needing me." He shrugged and tried to put on a little smile.

"Fine but don't run away, i'm not finished with you just yet." Ash huffed. He touched one of the rotting hands that came out the ground and they all sunk back from where they came from.

"Ewwww.... I hope you have some soap, Because that there." Elliot motioned to the ground "Was disgusting." Elliot spoke sarcastically. Whilst dusting of all the mud of him.

"I like you Elliot, you seem to have something in you..." Ash spoke dark "Something... Sick, but Dark." Ash walking around him looking him up and down.

"Excuse me?" He questioned.

"Just look at what you could become." Ash held out his hand. A Dark mist unveiling a little scenario between, what seemed like to be Elliot and this Boy.

"Wait... That's the kid who wanted to steal money of me." Elliot interrupted not focusing.

"Just watch!" Ash spoke.

 Suddenly he evaporated into thin air and sunk into the school floor.

"I don't get it?" Elliot asked confused.

Ash grabbed his throat and fell to his knees screaming.

"Wait, Wait. Is that what I could Become." He shook Ash wanting to know.

Ash dropped to the floor unconscious. Elliot quickly turned him over and carried him over his shoulder back to the School.



Oh, No Ash! This is a long chapter because i've been on holiday and i feel bad for not updating so here it is. Wow what do you think about Elliot, What did you think he felt seeing that image of him?

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