Elements Of The Devil

In Today's world, every person is born with a power to control one of the four elements. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. A boy called who goes by the name Ash Emery. Is born with none of theses powers to control any of the four elements. Instead he comes to learn he is the controller of an entirely new element. The death element. He also comes to learn that he can control and manifest the most rare and power Purple lightning. But theses powers only mean trouble for Ash, Through is laughter and suspense. When he finds out about his strange appearance and powers and who his Dad really is, it just makes sense. Will he have to fight, or will it consume him, or go insane, or do all three.

--(This book will have strong Language and Sexual References, and Touching Themes, I have warned you!)--


2. Chapter 2 - Demonic Freak


Ash crept through the gates, keeping his head down and scooting his eyes around to see if anyone was looking. Its not like he was afraid of anyone, he just didn't like people staring at him because of his demonic appearance.

As he walked into the two oak grand doors into the huge castle, after dropping of his luggage to be taken to his dorm, he was in a gigantic hall with stone walls and high ceilings. The floor was decorated in beautiful flowers designs, and huge pictures of important people on the walls.

He was already starting to get some stares because he couldn't help but look around the halls about how beautiful the castle was. As he strolled down the corridor he saw two boys at the end of the corridor. he saw a fat blonde hair boy was picking on a small light brown haired boy, average size.

When Ash came into earshot he heard the fat blonde boy threatening the light brown hair boy.  

"Oi, are you listening to me? Give me your fucking money,or else!" The blonde hair boy growled at the small boy now being lifted up by his collar.

"I-I... Ummm... I dont have any money... I was just walking to my introduction lesson I-Im a new student." The light brown haired boy spluttered out.

The blonde boy raised his fist ready to punch him out. Ash ran forward and caught his grip, and punched the fat boy in his side which caused him to go flying down the other end of the hall. he was sprawled across the floor in pain. Your lucky that wasn't my pocket knife you asshole Ash thought to himself, as he reached into his trouser pocket just to get a feeling of it, when he touched it he always felt a shiver of excitement, he enjoyed this feeling.

"If your so poor, that you need to steal money, go ask your mummy for some. I bet she would love to give her lovely twat some money, don't you?" Ash growled loudly at him, then it turned into a sick laugh.

The blonde got up off the floor and stomped over to Ash who was was at least a couple inches taller than him and shoved him backwards. "How dare you! You-" He paused and locked eyes with Ash, the boys eyes widened. "Y-You demon freak! W-What are you?! Get away from me you freak! You'll pay for this!" at those last final four words he left running as fast as he could along the corridor.

Ash looked down at the light brown haired boy with lime green eyes, who was now cowering in the corner. 

"Oi, if you are going to sit there and stare could you at least tell me where the new students are supposed to go? Ash held out his hand to pull the boy up from the corner. 

After Ash pulled him up he seemed to snap out of his trance and stood up straight. Just reaching and inch down into his bag, to get a leaflet or something. To Ash's surprise when he rose, the boy who was cowering didn't seem to flinch at Ash's demonic gaze.  

"Thanks for that back there, That punch was awesome though! Oh yeah i am Elliot by the way." Elliot said with a massive grin on his face.

"No problem, I am Ash." He responded, and gave him a slight smile.

"Nice to meet you Ash, we are in the same lesson i know where are introduction lesson is being held, follow me!" He said excitedly.

we started to wander around the corridors, i think Elliot regretted saying that he knew the way and they were lost, until they finally came to a room filled with at least forty students.

 As the door creaked opened everyone started to stare. all of a sudden a massive out burst of whispering filled the room. Ash sighed and bowed his head a little, Ash came to the conclusion that the whispered where about him, because of his demonic look. He then began to walk to the back of the classroom, giving death stares to anyone that manage o catch a glimpse of him. Damn i must be so beautiful Ash chuckled to himself. He and Elliot sat at the back of the class away from most of the students giving Ash looks, mostly because of his demonic looks. You must be so fascinating to them... they might as well put you in a trophy cabinet, the ways theses twats are looking at you. do something about it. The voices in his head occasionally spoke to him. 

Ash was annoyed that the student where whispering about him from earlier, why couldn't they just accept him. He settled down at the back of the class, and let out a sigh. 

"Hello everyone, I will be your form tutor, my name is Mrs River!" She paused as people where just settling in. "I will be talking through the rules and how this school works." Mrs River Explained.

"The system we use at Elle Academy is designed to make your learning experience enjoyable and interesting. Classes start at 8 AM and end at 3 PM, dinner will be at 6 PM in the dining hall and your are to be in your dorms by 9 PM." She paused letting everyone take in that information.

"There are a few rules here, as there is in most schools, rule one you are not to use your powers to hurt any staff, teacher or student within the school grounds. Rule two if anybody is caught outside there rooms by 9 PM they will be punished. Finally Rule three. If you are found to be contacting any weird spirits or the devil, you will be banished to the Shadow Relm. Some of you might not know what the Shadow Relm is, i will give you a short explanation, it is where demons and evil spirits and the dead and the devil himself roam." Mrs River finished explaining.

As soon as Ash started to question this Mrs River remind everyone about the test in a couple days. Mrs River dismissed them and said for there first day they can explore the school within the restrictions. the class flooded out the door as soon as she said the word, Go.




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