Elements Of The Devil

In Today's world, every person is born with a power to control one of the four elements. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. A boy called who goes by the name Ash Emery. Is born with none of theses powers to control any of the four elements. Instead he comes to learn he is the controller of an entirely new element. The death element. He also comes to learn that he can control and manifest the most rare and power Purple lightning. But theses powers only mean trouble for Ash, Through is laughter and suspense. When he finds out about his strange appearance and powers and who his Dad really is, it just makes sense. Will he have to fight, or will it consume him, or go insane, or do all three.

--(This book will have strong Language and Sexual References, and Touching Themes, I have warned you!)--


1. Chapter 1 - Alarm Clock, means get up


Ash Woke up to the sound of his irritating phone alarm noise, of his old friends making silly noises and shouting, He loved hearing there voices every morning since he moved away from his primary school. Groaning he slid his way out of bed and wobbled into the bathroom. 

Looking in the mirror he stared at the Black haired, red eyed freak he called himself. He ran his hands through his spiky black hair which only made it stick up more, he sighed, and brushed his teeth. After that he put on his Grey hoodie, with some of his black ripped Jeans, He then slipped on a pair of Red high tops.

He Gracefully made his way downstairs, he was greeted by the delicious smell of Bacon and Eggs cooking. "Hey Mum!" He spoke as he went to sit down on the island in the middle of the kitchen, thinking about what was going to happen at his new school today.

"Morning!" Mum chirped as she handed me a delicious bacon and egg sandwich. As Ash went to grab the sandwich "Ash, I love you, you know that... right?" Mum Asked. 

With His mouthful he spate out. "Of Course mum I love you, come here." Ash gave her a hug, which was unusual of him since hes not a 'hugger'.

As Ash finished his sandwich with super speed, he grabbed his black day bag and his luggage, "Ash have a nice first day at special school for powers!" Mum joked sarcastically, Ash Nodded and laughed, Ash sighed, So over excited he thought to himself. 

He grabbed the gold door knob and opened the wooden door of his house, he waved goodbye to his mum and strolled through the woods to get to this 'special' school for powers.

As he was strolling through the woods he remembered that he he had a Element Exam in a couple days, He hated exams, he wasn't very good at them, but hopefully it would be different this time. Although at the same time Ash was excited to find out what element he could control, he felt his hand twitch, telling him something weird was going to happen. 'Maybe i will have fire powers?' Ash questioned himself. 'Why wouldn't i be fire, For Fuck Sake i have red eyes the color of fire!' He thought again. 

Ash frowned at this thought, remembering whenever asking his mum about why she had sparkling deep blue eyes and light brown chocolate wavy long hair and Ash end up with black spiky hair and fiery red eyes. She always avoided the subject and made up some excuse about that I have my fathers jeans who died when he was a baby, and maybe that's why i have this demonic appearance.

Ash sighed and walked on towards the school, seeing the glinting golden gates up ahead, he was prepared for his bombardment of stares he was going to get at this 'special school'. 

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