The Golden Blade

This is a world of every fictional character you could dream of.... or whoever I know, at least.... A world as real as ours.... Just complete fiction....


A treasured antique, the Golden Blade, has been stolen from the Nodnol Museum, the major museum in the entire Novalla Galaxy- the galaxy of fictional characters. The Blade holds great importance to all residents because, shall it be destroyed, the Novalla Galaxy will shrink and eventually collapse.

Every character throws him/herself to the search of finding the Golden Blade and finds other fictional persons who are on the path to the same find.


So, I hope you enjoy this story. There will be many favorite characters, such as the Avengers, Loki, Cinderella, Katniss, and others!

Please like and favorite and I am all ears to suggestions and comments!!


1. Stolen

~The scrawny old man walked up the concrete steps of the legendary Nodnol Museum. He looked as if he were of an important status, judging by the long lavender robe he wore and the silver staff he carried. One hand was drawn securely in his robe and each step he took was measured and steady, indicating he had some highly privileged business to take care of.
The four, armed guards drew back their weapons when they saw him approach the big gates and a fifth guard hastily unlocked the heavy lock. The old man didn't speak a single word but walked through with a silent air of authority. The building he entered was gigantic at the interior and there were glass cases, containing various artifacts and famous antiques.
The old man waited stiffly till the gates closed behind, leaving him in the dim light of a golden chandelier, placed on the ceiling, a few metres from where he stood. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as the gates closed with a gentle creak and loud thud and he briskly made his way to a large glass case, internly decorated with white silk sheets and a hand-carved wooden sword holder.
The old man drew out his hand from his robe, revealing a narrow yet lengthy wooden case. He squatted on the floor and opened the case. The sight of what was inside caused his eyes to lighten up and he chuckled deeply. There, inside the box, lay the Golden Blade, a long shiny silver blade- which appeared to have been created in Japanese fashion- with golden inscriptions along the smooth surface. The handle was a thin one, with a dark henna hue and a slim silver band with a bright ruby jewel in  the center.
Surely, it was a true charm to look at it!
The old man stood up in hurried fashion and got about opening the glass door of the case where he would soon put the Golden Blade. He pressed his hand on the glass while a neon blue glow scanned his hand. There was a soft hiss and the glass parted, making an opening. The old man clicked his tongue in approval and bent down to pick up the blade.
However, he suddenly let out a shriek of horror as his dazed eyes stared at the empty case. The Blade had disappeared!
"G-G-Guards! Guards!!!" he screamed, running to the gates as if his life depended on it and banging on it as if he had lost his senses.
The gates opened and a mass of guards rushed in the museum at his order, while he pointed wildly at the scene, shouting and blabbering without any seriousness. The craziness of the situation caused a mob of reporters, flashing cameras at the scene and someone phoned the police, who also arrived in a matter of minutes.
At once, a crime scene was set and the old man, whose name was Mr. Hula, was being carried to his private car by his assistants, considering his dazed condition. A reporter dashed at the opportunity and asked Mr. Hula:
"Sir, may I ask what happened at the museum?"
"T-The Blade! The Blade!" he shrieked in response.
The reporter raised her eyebrows and turned to one of the assistants. "Sir, what happened?"
The assistant sighed quite shakily and replied, "Well, miss, the Golden Blade appears to have disappeared."
"Disappeared?" the shocked reporter cried. "Uh, err, are you saying it has been... stolen?"
"I suppose," the assistant nodded before getting in the car and driving away.
The reporter blinked in disbelief as soon as her cameraman shut off the video. Both of them stared at each other speechlessly with worry creasing their faces, before the reporter broke the silence.
"Can you believe it, Max? The Golden Blade? Stolen? What!?"
The cameraman shrugged nonchalantly.
"Yeah, well, Kristy, I don't know how this happened but our numbers will definitely benefit from the news."
The reporter's eyes suddenly twinkled. "You are right," she smiled, "Let's put this on TV."

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