The Golden Blade

This is a world of every fictional character you could dream of.... or whoever I know, at least.... A world as real as ours.... Just complete fiction....


A treasured antique, the Golden Blade, has been stolen from the Nodnol Museum, the major museum in the entire Novalla Galaxy- the galaxy of fictional characters. The Blade holds great importance to all residents because, shall it be destroyed, the Novalla Galaxy will shrink and eventually collapse.

Every character throws him/herself to the search of finding the Golden Blade and finds other fictional persons who are on the path to the same find.


So, I hope you enjoy this story. There will be many favorite characters, such as the Avengers, Loki, Cinderella, Katniss, and others!

Please like and favorite and I am all ears to suggestions and comments!!


3. Fictional Meet-up


Cinderella hurried out of the taxi and ran up the beautifully decorated path that led to the Avengers tower. She went over to the glossed metal door and knocked gently. There was a dull buzz and a red light appeared and a female, robotic voice asked:

"Name, please?"

"Cinderella," Cinderella answered with a hint of excitement.

"Cast, please?"

"Uh, Disney Princess."

"Who do you wish to meet?"

"Tony Stark."

"Do you come with a business purpose?"

Cinderella stared at the light with a frown. "Err, yeah... "

"Kindly wait while your response is processed," the voice spoke. Cinderella just shrugged and tapped her heel eagerly as she waited. Within a few seconds, the same female voice said:

"Thank you for coming. You may enter."

Ad there was a low hiss as the door slid open and Cinderella walked in steadily. It was a very modern building, compared to the palace where Cinderella lived but she had a few modern-life friends herself, so she could cope. She walked up the long staircase because she was more used to using stairs than elevators.

As she went up, Maria Hill, a S.H.E.I.L.D agent, came walking down, holding a tablet. When she saw Cinderella, Maria gave a slight frown.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Cinderella stopped. "Um, well... hey, have you watched the Breaking News?"

"The Blade? Yeah, I have."

"It was frightening."

"Yeah, I don't know what to do. Listen, why did you come here?"

Cinderella exhaled gently and replied, "Well, I came to see Tony. I was considering something ... so, I came by to talk to him."

Hill just shrugged. "Go ahead, kid."

And then she walked away as Cinderella went up as well.

The room in front of her appeared to be small but, upon entering, she found it was quite big, and full of fancy gadgets and inventions.  At a small white table, there sat Tony, feet on table as he inspected a screwdriver.

"Mr. Stark?" Cinderella began.

Tony looked up. "What's up, kid?"

"Well, I had to ask that... have you seen the news recently?"

 Tony removed his legs and put away the screwdriver. "Take a seat, little princess."

Cinderella pulled a white stool and sat down in front of him.

"Now, you were saying...?" he asked.

"The breaking news. Have you seen it today?"

"Yes. The Golden Blade has been stolen, huh?"

"Yes! And the police are searching for it."

"That's their duty," Tony shrugged.

"But they need help!"

"Yeah, don't they always need help? N.A.F can help."

"The armed forces don't have more chance than the police, Mr. Stark."

"Yes, but, together they have more chance. Combination, you know."

Cinderella groaned dramatically. "You don't understand!"

"Oh, I understand perfectly, Cinderella. You want me to go and kill myself in the hope of getting the Blade."

"Well, err... no, not quite..." Cinderella swallowed, "But I was certainly hoping you'd help me find it."

"Help you find it? You know the last time I decided to happily help someone, I ended up creating Ultron. That menace... my fault. And, listen, kid, you're a Princess- a Disney Princess, to be exact- and your job is to give those girls happy dreams... You, my dear, can't go along finding an artifact that's most important to-"

Cinderella cut him off briskly. "All of us," she finished, "The Golden Blade contains all our lives. I am included in that, Mr. Stark and you can tell me whether you want to help... or not. I do not beg."

She stood up in a thundering manner and glared at him. "Well?"

Tony stared at her from the top of his eye and sighed loudly. "Well, I guess, you got your lucky ticket, kid."

Cinderella's manner reduced back to neutral and she smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that."

"Sure thing. But, hey, kid, this calls for a meeting."

Cinderella grinned. "I'm all ears."

"Tomorrow. I'll phone you the time and place once I talk to the other guys."

"Can't you text?"

"No," came the brief reply.

Cinderella stared at him for a second and then nodded. "Thank you for your time, Mr. Stark. And, by the way, that interrogation thing back outside is pretty tiring."

Tony laughed. "It is a new thing I am designing for Friday. She’s picking a lot."

"Alright, then, see you tomorrow!” Cinderella smiled and turned to go out.

“See you,” Tony answered and the door shut.

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