The Golden Blade

This is a world of every fictional character you could dream of.... or whoever I know, at least.... A world as real as ours.... Just complete fiction....


A treasured antique, the Golden Blade, has been stolen from the Nodnol Museum, the major museum in the entire Novalla Galaxy- the galaxy of fictional characters. The Blade holds great importance to all residents because, shall it be destroyed, the Novalla Galaxy will shrink and eventually collapse.

Every character throws him/herself to the search of finding the Golden Blade and finds other fictional persons who are on the path to the same find.


So, I hope you enjoy this story. There will be many favorite characters, such as the Avengers, Loki, Cinderella, Katniss, and others!

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2. Breaking News

~~The fair fingers gently caressed the glass slippers on the table and the girl whispered, "I have so much and I am so happy today. I don't think I would have gotten all this if my stepmother hadn't let me go to the ball in the first place, you see. Then the Fairy wouldn't have come and I wouldn't be so... royal... And I wouldn't have you. I owe you so much. You have made me a symbol. I am really thankful. Seriously!"
"Cinderella, they'll never reply back," Ariel laughed, as she sat down on the chair in front of Cinderella. Her red locks fell down her tight turquoise blouse as she put a bowl of macaroni-and-cheese in front of herself.
"I know!" Cinderella groaned, tying her loose hair into a simple bun, "But, I always feel I owe them something!"
"No," Ariel shook her head as she took in a mouthful of the macaroni, "You don't own any slipper anything. Now, be a good girl and put them on your feet and get them off the table."
Cinderella did get them off the table rather reluctantly and propped her elbows on the table, sighing. Suddenly, she said:
"Hey, Ariel, I am going to turn on the TV, okay? I'm bored."
Ariel shrugged in neutral response so Cinderella got up, and turned on the TV next to them. The first program that came up was the new series of shorts, casting Bugs Bunny and Pikachu. The series, called The Manga Bunny, happened to the princesses' favourite so they settled down to watch quite contentedly.
However, the program was interrupted by a big 'Breaking News' header. This annoyed Ariel and she said, "What in the Galaxy is this!?"
"I'll change it back," Cinderella helped and she was about to skip it when Ariel yelled, "Wait!"
So, she stopped and Ariel pointed at the screen with wide eyes. Cinderella peered closely at the flashing screen that read, in big, bold letters:
"What!?" Cinderella spat suddenly.
Ariel was shocked and biting her nails. "Oh my God, do you know what this could mean for the entire Galaxy?"
Cinderella gave a very vexed nod in return.
"Let's watch this."
So they watched it very closely. The reporter, Kristy, who happened to be a blonde-haired woman, was speaking:
"The news you are about to hear will come as a shock, so brace yourselves. The Golden Blade has been reported missing. Available witnesses, including the Director and Chief Executive of Nodnol Museum, Mr. Hula, say that it has been stolen. If you are a true Novalla Galaxy civilian, then you know this means big trouble for us all.
Other sources claim that a villain from our own Galaxy has taken hand to destruct everyone. Fingers point at Thanos, who has been a major villainous character, but Thanos refuses to take responsibility for this action. The police have started hunting for it already, but I personally doubt they will manage it alone. My personal views are that we all need to help each other because our entire existence depends on it.
Who did this? How many people did it? Why did they do this? What were their intentions? Who will find the Blade? How will they find it?
This has left us with all these questions which we are not going to find the answer to anytime soon."
Cinderella and Ariel exchanged horrified glances and Cinderella turned off the TV abruptly.
"What is this?" Cinderella frowned.
"This is crazy, that's what," Ariel whispered.
"The police will really never manage it alone."
"They won't. They need characters, I mean, they need us. The civilians. The Novallians, you know."
"You're so right, Ariel. They need help. They are not realizing it!"
"Oh, oh! Well, now, I understand your motivation and patriotism and excitement and the need you feel that we should help them but I am not too keen on interfering with police work," Ariel answered quite not-eagerly.
Cinderella nodded after a moment of deep thought.
"Ah, yes, but I think about all those other people who feel they should help! We could join forces, you know!" she exclaimed.
"Oh, if you think Hermione or Tony or Rarity... or anyone is going to team up with you, then you are-"
Cinderella clapped her hands with sudden decision. "Yes, Tony! Whoa, Ariel, you're a genius! That's right- I could talk to Tony about teaming up or something!!"
"What? Wait-" Ariel started, only to be cut off by a very hyper Cinderella.
"And, you know what? You should ring up Hermione or Applejack while I'm gone. Get their ideas. Ask them about teaming together for finding the Golden Blade! Do it! Oh, yes, what an idea! Do it, Ariel, it is marvelous!"
She jumped up and quickly put on her slippers and her blue hairband. Cinderella seized her long azure coat and slipped it on without hesitation. Ariel appeared quite bewildered at the actions of her friend as Cinderella opened the front door of the mansion and prepared to hop out, just stopping to turn around with a bright smirk, and said:
"Oh, and if you feel like calling up Elsa, you are so welcome!"
Then she winked and hopped out, closing the door behind her with a slam.


Hey, sorry for all the princess-y stuff. I swear I hate it but my sister dared me to do it and she helps me write the girly chapters. I HATE IT DX

In the next chapter, the real solid male stuffy is coming so watch out :)

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