Harry Potter Truth or Dare

My name is Ashlyn, and I've kidnapped several characters from the Harry Potter fandom. I'm keeping them captive in my basement, and forcing them to play Truth or Dare with me.
I'm going to be making up the truths and dares, but I'll put in any truths or dares that you comment.


7. Chapter Seven

Me: Okay, welcome back readers! I have some big news. Drumroll please...

Everyone Else: *drumrolls*

Me: Kingsley Shacklebolt will be joining us here in my basement!

Everyone Else: YAY!!! 

Draco: I'm really sorry, Kingsley.

Me: Oh, hush. Don't be such a wiggleworm. Understand, Goldworm?

Draco: Please don't call me that.

Me: But that's what I call everyone! Sort of. Hermione is Bookworm, Ron is Redworm, the rest of the Weasley family are Weaselworm numbers 1-7, because Ginny is Weasletteworm. Harry is Potworm, James is Prongworm, Lily is Flowerworm, Sirius is Dogworm, Remus is Wolfworm, Tonks is Pinkworm, Lucius is Badworm, Narcissa is GoodNotBadworm, Neville is Braveworm, Luna is Niceworm, Bellatrix is Phsycoworm, Voldemort is Snakeworm, and Snape is Snapeworm. So you're Goldworm. And now Kingsley is Lynxworm. 

Kingsley: Why am I here?

Me: You're here because Queenworm, that's me, brought you here. You're here to play TRUTH OR DARE! Now, we have a dare for Neville, and as it's appropriate for ages newborn to dead, I will use it. Neville, you have to confess all of your true feelings, and to make sure they're your true feelings, you have to drink Veritaserum. 

Neville: *gulps and drinks Veritaserum*

Me: Braveworm, what are all of your true feelings?

Neville: I have liked Hermione since our fourth year Yule Ball, Snape still scares me, and so does Sirius a little bit. Ginny is a little intimidating because she's so fiery, and Harry has always seemed like a good friend to me. I've never really liked Ron, it always seemed like he wasn't nice to his friends, especially Hermione, and I don't think they should've gotten married. The fact that James, Lily, Voldemort, Sirius, Bellatrix, Tonks, Remus, Fred, and Snape are still alive creeps me out, because the rule of magic is that no magic can bring back the dead, yet here they are. I still want to get revenge on Bellatrix for what she did to my parents, and I wish that I was the one who killed her. The Weasley's are the best family I've ever met, and I feel so priveledged that they pay attention to me. I don't like any of the Malfoys because they were Death Eaters, and Draco was always a bully. 

Me: Wow, Ron, he doesn't like you either! And he also agrees that you and Hermione shouldn't have gotten married. I personally think you guys would've needed counselling. So does J.K.Rowling. Ron?

Counseller that appeared in the corner: *talks to Ron and Hermione about their problems*

Me: Look! I predicted the future! If only Dumbledore were here, then he could hire me as his Divination teacher! Oh, wait. *snaps fingers*

Dumbledore and McGonagall: *appear in my basement*

Me: And now they're here! Dumbledore, would you like to say goodbye to the readers?

Dumbledore: *squints at me* You were in the papers. You're the girl who broke into the Ministry and-

Me: *claps hand over Dumbledore's mouth* Ignore that, delightful readers! I have no idea what he's talking about! By the way, if any Ministry workers are out there reading this, I have no idea what he's talking about and it wasn't me. Anyway, I'll see you guys later! Goodbye!

Ron: We've only been here a week and I think we're all going mad.

Me: Ron! Keep talking to your counseler. Plus, you can't go mad.

Ron: Oh, phew.

Me: You were born mad.

Ron: Shut up. *ears redden*

Me: As I've already said, goodbye and see you later!

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