Harry Potter Truth or Dare

My name is Ashlyn, and I've kidnapped several characters from the Harry Potter fandom. I'm keeping them captive in my basement, and forcing them to play Truth or Dare with me.
I'm going to be making up the truths and dares, but I'll put in any truths or dares that you comment.


4. Chapter Four

Me: *walks into room* 'Sup, Corndogs? 
​Ron: Did she just call us corndogs?
Me: yes, I did, now shut up, Ron. I recently killed you.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Weasley's: WHAT?!?!?!?!
Me: Relax, just in something on Google drive. However, I may use my special powers to make that come true, so sleep with one eye open, Ron.
Ron: *gulp*
Me: Okay, so, Kingsley escaped from the toilet, who wants to help me put him back?
Everybody: *steps back*
Me: Cowards. Fine, I'll go do it myself. Since this will take a while, I'll be back, probably tomorrow morning. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya! *turns to readers* That last part was to the characters, I'm plotting some evil stuff. By the way, Hermione still isn't talking to Ron. I can feel the tension building. I'll try to be here when they start yelling and fighting. Until then, my little minions! HA!
​A/N: Yeah, I know that was a really weird, short chapter, but I've gtg now. So, see ya later!


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