The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


12. chapter 9


"Are you serious?!" Chloe noded I screamed into a pillow "what the hell!" She laughed "I don't know it's at his house" I laid on my bed " I am not going I don't know him" she laughed and sighed "please?" I shook my head "no chloe" "pleasssse" I laughed "okay fine" she smiled "okay I will get you at 7" I noded and shut of my laptop.

I have been there one day and I am already going to party's. My mom was in the kitchen when I went down stairs "hello honey, she patted my back" "hi..." She was being nice and it was kinda freaking me out "have you finished unpacking?" "Yeah mostly" she smiled "so how was today?" She smiled at me "yeah it was ok, mom can I go out tonight ?" She smiled "where?" She stirred the sauce on the pan "to a boys house" she noded "okay just be home after 11,now honey I need to ask you a favour" she held my hands "we need some extra money, as Mia has dance classes which are more money" I sighed "ok...." "We have had to take your college fund" I let go of her hand's "What!?" She noded "mom!! I have been saving up for year's I want to be a doctor!" She smiled "oh honey we both know you will never be a doctor, you are more suited to hairdressing" I laughed "you really don't know me, sometimes I wish you were ill not dad" I walked out the room and into my bedroom, I sat on the window and cried, I didnt even know why I was crying. I miss home, and my friends, I sat wiping my eye's when I heard a shout from the window, I looked out the window and saw luke, he looked at me, "hey are you okay?" He looked worried I opened my window "yeah, it's nothing" he noded "what's your name?" He shouted across my lawn, "lily" he stopped for a minute "are you new?" I noded "what school?" "Your one" he noded and smiled "ok" he smiled and walked off. I got in the shower and washed my hair, I blower dried it and put on my makeup, I picked out a black dress with doc martens. I curled my brown hair and left it down, I grabbed my bag and walked outside and sat on the curve, waiting for chloe, she pulled up in a old car, I could hear the music banging, I got in and turned it down, "I liked that one," she laughed "are you ready?" I noded and we drove off.

I opened the flat door to see four boy's on the sofa with beer's, "hey Chloe" ash walked over and handed us a beer " I want you to meet the guy's" I walked over to the sofa" "okay so this is cal" a boy with brown hair and hazel eyes smiled "this is mike and luke" he pointed at a boy with blonde dyed hair, and a boy with a lipring" he looked like the boy I was speaking to earlier "hey your lily right?" I noded "your my neighbour" I noded "sit down guy's" we all sat down at watched the tv.

After a few beer's cal and mike had passed out on the sofa, and me and luke were sitting next to each other, "so do you guy's wanna sit with us at lunch" chloe shook her head at me but I didn't listen "sure!" Ashton smiled "hey guy's so you wanna sleep here tonight?" Chloe noded "sure my mom doesn't care"

Chloe's mom is a alcoholic, she drinks every night until she doesn't know anything, her dad left when she was 8 and her mum has been drinking ever since, she doesn't support chloe so she has learnt to defend her self.

"Okay well you and chloe can havey room" Ashton noded and chloe walked in luke was asleep on the sofa, "Ash?" Ashton looked up at me "yeah?" I smiled "thanks for tonight it's been fun!" He smiled "yeah thanks for coming I leaned into hug him but he kissed my lip's. His lips felt soft and smooth, he pulled away, "lily...I'm" "don't worry" he smiled and hugged me "Lily!!!" I heard chloe shouting, "I am gonna go now" Ashton noded and I walked into the bedroom, where Chloe was already in Ashton's messy bed, he had a big window over looking Sydney, and a double bed with a black wardrobe and a bathroom, it looked amazing, "like the view?" I noded and took of my dress and got into bed "it's amazing" Chloe fell asleep next to me and I put on one of Ashton's white t shirt, it smelt like him I pulled the cover over me and fell asleep to Chloe's small breaths.

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