The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


8. chapter 6

I awoke to the sunlight burning my eye's, I could smell smoke and it smelt awful, I got up and looked out my window the music had stopped and the fire was burnt smoking ash's I sighed looking at my phone.


What!? I had to leave in 10 minutes, I ran into the bathroom I fixed my hair in a ponytail and put on my mascara and eyeliner, I put my books into my backpack and quickly changed into my plain black shirt with Chuck Taylor's and black jeans, I ran downstairs to see my sister blocking my way to the kitchen.

"Move!" I shouted but she crossed her arms and shook her head, "well if you had gotten up earlier this morning you would have been able to get past" she snorted, and laughed I pushed her and she fell to the floor, "Mom!!" She cried running to my mom who was wearing a black lace dress, she had her hair in a beehive and killer heels on, I shook my head grabbing a apple and placing it in my bag. "Lily, your father left for work and the school isn't far can you walk?" She looked at me briefly before putting some lipstick on, I shrugged "I guess" she smiled "have a good day then" I looked at her before walking out the door.

The walk wasn't far from my house, only a few blocks, I put my headphones in and began my playlist, irresistible by fallout boy began to play, I hummed along whilst walking, I turned the corner and I saw my school, it looked very different from the one back home it had cream and white bricks and a fountain in the middle, I walked into the school and found my way to the office, a lady looked at me, "can I help?" She sounded rushed "yes,i'm new?" She shrugged "name?" "Lily.. Lily smith" she noded and flicked through some paper "ahh yes your the girl from the england, well here's you schedule and this your locker key" she noded "thanks" I walked out and looked around 'where is 843?' I looked around people started to look at me 'stop acting like this you look weird' "hey, are you okay?" I turned around to be faced with a girl with black hair "hey, do you know where 843 is?" She noded "yeah let me show you" she walked along and looked at me "you must be new I'm Chloe" I noded "Lily" she looked at me with big eye's "hey! You sound English" she noded "yeah I moved here the other day," she smiled "hey your locker is next to Luke's" "who's Luke" she laughed "Luke hemmings, he's most popular here" I noded "he dated chantelle Williams" I noded "who's that!" She laughed "sorry I forgot you were new, well she's a cheerleader here and luke plays football, well one evening she had a party and luke got drunk and well they ended up together and things got pretty bad" I noded "so are they dating?" "Yeah, she's a real bitch she looks down on everyone" I sighed "so what have you got first?" I looked at my schedule"biology" she noded and smiled "your in my class that's go" she pointed down the hall and and followed her to my first class.

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