The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


7. chapter 5

"Lady's and gentlemen we will be landing in Sydney Australia in a few minutes"

I sighed in relief, we had been on the plane nearly 10 hours, I pulled the window up, it was night time but they city of Sydney glew bright and bold with massive colours it reminded me of London, I stopped myself, "no its a new start" we landed and boarded of the plane, it was hot here compared to England, I was wearing my winter jacket but I defiantly wouldn't be needing that here.

*flash back*

"Really!?" Emily looked at me and rolled her eye's, I laughed "What!" She laughed pulling me in front of my mirror, "it's summer! And your wearing black jeans, black top and black vans! Really!" I noded "well just becuase its summer doesn't mean I should change" she noded and laughed "okay well we don't have time we need to go!"

*flash back ends*

I smiled a weak smile before getting my suitcase and getting into the taxi. Sydney was a very brilliant place at night and the city lights were amazing, we pulled up into a neighbourhood, the houses were very big and it looked really cool, they were bigger than the ones back in England. We pulled up outside a house with a Australian flag hanging of it, it was quite big with a cool garden, we got our stuff and wandered in, my sister pushed in front, "Get out my way!" She pushed me over "I need the biggest room!" I got up and pushed her over "well since I'm older" she grabbed my hair and started pulling on if "your a freak! You have no friends and you never have!" I felt rage fill inside of me "you dare!" I smacked her and she started crying "I know what happened to you! She starred at me" I felt like I wanted to die "how do you know!" "Everyone know's" she laughed and ran upstairs I just stood there shocked.

*flash back*

"Okay then!" I laughed whilst cranking up the music to full volume, Sam kept driving and laughing, "so where do you want to go?" He looked at me I shrugged "I don't mind" he smirked "how about mine?" I noded "okay then" he pulled up outside and led me into his house, I sat down on the couch and was going through my phone, brad started kissing my neck, and began fiddling with my jeans, "what are you doing?" I looked at him with worry "well my parents aren't home and well we have been together a while now" I noded " well I thought it's the right time" I felt my face go red, I had never done anything with anyone, I loved Sam but I didn't feel like it was right, I kept scrolling through my phone, "look at me" I didn't turn my head he pulled my chin " look at me" I felt worried, he let go of me and pushed me on my back, " Sam I don't want to do this" he didn't listen and began to unzip my jeans, "I don't want to Sam" he didn't listen, I slapped him and he grabbed my shoulders and pinned me against the wall, he started hitting me and kicking me, I didn't know what was happening so I lied helpless in a ball " your worthless a piece of shit!" I cried into my bloody hands, he stopped and left the room leaving me in a bloody mess.

*flash back ends*

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around in shock, "Lily are you okay?" My dad looked at me concerned I noded "okay well go and get some rest tomorrow is your first day of school I noded walking up to the upstairs floor. It had a lot of rooms making it hard to pick, I walked up to the attic, it had blue walls with a big window and a big bed, I guess my sister hadn't seen ths, I smirked putting my box down on my new bed and looked out the window, in the next door garden was a tent with a fire round it, I moved so they nobody could see me, round the fire were 4 boy's they looked a bit older than me, one had Nessy red hair, he had a guitar and was strumming it lightly, one had dark brown hair with brown hazel eye's, he had tattoos on his arm which made hia muscles show out, I couldn't see the other two but they both had amazing voices I laid on my bed and fell asleep to their voices.

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