Away In The Shadows: 1

Not a friend since the whole, 'incident', this girl, fought for her life, watching many fall, not getting back up, fear, shivering, darkness. Her mind was corrupt, broken, she hid in the shadows, scared for everything.
When she finally realised where it all came from, her ancestors, the people before her, but who?


1. The Last One


Tom Marvalo Riddle, the last known relative to Salazar Slytherin, at least, he thought so, there was one other, Lotus, the true Heir of Slytherin, not his daughter, not his child. The only connection she had with him, was their blood, the blood of Slytherin. No one knew where she came from, only her name, her mother and father were tortured, so much that they didn't know anything, not even who Lotus was, then days after, they fell to their final rest.

She had experienced more than any other ten year old, she had no friends, family, life, just a small orphanage in the middle of nowhere. This is were it happened, the 'incident', as it was called. They were here, the ones of Death, looking for her, her blood, DNA. All she could do was stay in the shadows, finding only one killed, one Muggle of all of them. One choice, and it was painful.

Lotus watched it happen, she watched Micheal die, in the hands of his mother, Bellatrix Le'strange, she killed her only son, to make the dark one happy, to get her.Lotus was guilty for murder, even though it was not her full fault,  she had saved Micheal, from the oath of Living Death.

Ever since this accident, Lotus was beaten, bruised, hit, by the authorities, tortured for the crimes of the one crying in their last breath, murder. But this was only the smallest pain she had ever felt, more pain comes when she felt it coming back.

She had nowhere to go, nothing to feel, but only for people to see, the scars of her guilty crimes, the one she did not commit, as she turned eleven, the scars burnt her back, but strange things happened to the ones she hated, they would fall, feel pain, and torture themselves, as if by MAGIC.

A letter came in, from a school, saying that her application had been denied, for a strange reason. No control, but her denied application, was keeping her locked away, from her true nature.

But why she was rejected was truly a mystery, as nobody, a witch nor wizard, had ever been rejected into the art of learning and controlling magic, but like I said, it was a complete mystery. There was it one reason, to keep the school safe from those, of Living Death.

The Death Eaters were coming, she sensed it in her scars, but she was locked away from other children, were she was starved, locked away, given only a piece of bread a day, and some tomatoes soup if she was lucky. She couldn't warn anyone, and she couldn't escape, the only exit was through the door, there was bars on the window, and the door was locked. While it was like this, everyone was dead...

And no one could come in, not to talk, or even look at her. That night, they came, the wind howled, and the death attacked, taking two hostages, wand at the others, looking for Lotus. They didn't care for her, they only wanted to see her dead. So they led Bellatrix to me, to my room, she took me with her, in her clouded shadow form, and left, leaving only a mark on a girl's neck.

I was taken to him, The dark lord, sitting on his throne, a small weak creature, no nose, hair and a expressionless face. He spoke to his snake, '​hissph myan melassah heth'​ meaning, make our guest welcome.

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