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The story of a teenage girl who had the courage to leave her country and move with her band to the place where all of your dreams can come true: USA. After spending a year working hard to be noticed and so close to give up the band "T-Nuts" is now on every radio and performing in different cities.
The only thing Rita didn't know was that her favorite band was the one who helped them getting to the top and that the guy sleeping next to her on tour bus would show her the greatest things in life.


2. Chapter 2.


Rita's P.O.V

"I'm a huge fan of T-Nuts" - Luke simply says like if it was obvious.

"You mean us, our band?" - Mia asks surprised.

"That's the name of your band, right?" - we all look at eachother like if this wasn't really happening.

"But I'm not here just to tell you that" - Luke continues sounding more serious now - "We actually want to talk to you about something."

"Yeah sure, what is it?" - I ask trying really hard not to scream in this kid's face.

"I don't think I should tell you this on my own. Do you mind to come with me to discuss this with the others? They're already wating." - there was a moment of silence between us, we were trying to process all of this. I mean, first we meet one of our idols and now he tells us to join him and his band? I took a deep breath and looked at Luke who was wating for an answer. Trying to sound the most normal I can, I kept thinking please don't mess this up Rita, please don't mess this up

"Uh, why not?" - I finally say. 

"Cool! Let's go then." - Luke says and starts walking to the exit of the cafe. I look at Anna who's still shocked with all of this situation and Mia that keeps staring at the floor, looking like she's just seen a ghost. Luke's already at the door wating for us and we're still sitting in our table wating for someone to make the first move and join him. "Are you coming or not?" - He asks laughing a little.

"Of course we are!" - Alex answers while he gets up and follows Luke outside.

"Well, I think we should go too." - Anna says and we get up to join the boys outside. As soon as we're outside Luke starts walking and tells us to follow him. 10 minutes later we're in front of a garage, a huge garage.

"We usually rehearse here, the boys are inside. Shall we? - We nod at the same time while he opens the front door and tells us to get inside.

I swear I've never seen such a big garage. Luke opens another door and we can easily spot two members of 5 Seconds of Summer. My heart starts beating so fast it looks like it's gonna come out of my chest. Just breath Rita, calm down. Calum and Michael are playing Fifa while eating pizza, but they don't notice us yet.

"Guys!" - Luke yells.

"What?!" - Michael asks clearly annoyed.

"They're here" - Luke simply answers. Michael turns around to face us, a smile appearing on his face.

"Oh, hi! Sorry I didn't noticed you were there, what's up?" - Calum turns around too but doesn't say a word. Rude. None of us has the courage to speak so Michael talks again "You wanna play Fifa?"

"Yeah sure!" - Alex says moving to the couch next to them, while the rest of us just stare at eachother.

"Oh you're here, finally!" - we hear a voice behind us and turn around to face Ashton with a cup of tee in his hands - "you should take a seat, this might take awhile." - he says and the rest of us sit next to the other three. I confess this wan't how I imagined to meet my favorite band but it wasn't that bad after all, and we're less nervous now.

"Oh my god Alex, you're winning! Why are you winning? I always win at Fifa!" - Michael yells still playing the game.

"No you don't, you always lose when we play." - Calum says with an annoyed tone.

"Shut up Calum! What's up with you today?" - Michael shouts. 

"You're so annoying Michael" - Calum says sighing.

"No, you two are annoying! Can you stop yelling at eachother and come here to discuss some serious business?" - Ashton says. Michael gets up and sits on the floor in front of us. Calum rolls his eyes but does the same. Seriously what's wrong with this dude?

"So, as you know we're going to tour this summer, here in United States, and we wanted to ask you-" - Luke starts talking but Michael cuts him off

"Ashton, do the drums!" - they start doing weird sounds to pretend they're playing drums.

"Jesus Christ, can you stop acting like kids?" - Luke says throwing his hands in the air with frustration.

"We want you to be our opening band." - Calum simply says. The other three boys look at him like if he had just said a huge secret.

"What the fuck Calum! We were supposed to say that at the same time!" - Michael says disappointed while Calum rolls his eyes again. Now the four of them are staring at us for an answer. I was paying so much attention to their little fight that I didn't have time to process the question. My heart stopped for one second. Opening band? Us? For 5 Seconds of Summer? This wasn't real, I mean, it couldn't be real.

"Of course we will!" - Mia says showing clearly her enthusiasm.

"Cool!" - Luke says - "But we wanted to hear you play something, if that's okay."

 "Okay, but we don't have our things here, can we go back to our studio and perform there?" - Mia asks. I wasn't really focused on this conversation, I was still too shocked with this.

"Sure babe." - Luke says with a smirk that makes Mia's cheeks turn red.

"We should go then. Is it too far to walk? - Ashton asks. "No, it's not, we can walk." - I say trying to sound more relaxed. We all get up and leave the garage, making our way to our studio. I feel Calum staring at me and look at him, but he's already looking at his feet with his hands in his pockets. Maybe he's not that rude like I thought he was. I guess I'll find out since we're going to spend a lot of time together.


So this is the second chapter, I hope you liked it! And don't worry in the next chapters you'll see a lot of Ralum cute moments but I don't want to rush things because they just met.

please don't give up on me! Love you

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