2 bands banding | C.H fanfic

The story of a teenage girl who had the courage to leave her country and move with her band to the place where all of your dreams can come true: USA. After spending a year working hard to be noticed and so close to give up the band "T-Nuts" is now on every radio and performing in different cities.
The only thing Rita didn't know was that her favorite band was the one who helped them getting to the top and that the guy sleeping next to her on tour bus would show her the greatest things in life.


1. Chapter 1.


Hello guys! Before you read this story I just want to say a few things. This is the first fanfic I'm writing so I'm sorry if it isn't really good. I also want to say that my first language isn't english so please don't kill me if you find any spelling mistakes. 

This fanfic is dedicated to my best friend, she's crazy for Calum Hood. Hope you like it Rita, don't ever be afraid of following your dreams, I love you.

Please don't give up on me just yet guys! Here we go!


Rita's P.O.V

I'm sitting at Starbucks staring at my empty notebook. I've been spending a lot of time in here with my bestfriends. We started a band a year ago and now we finally found a producer that wants to work with us. But that's the problem, we're out of imagination, I mean, I'm out of imagination. There's a lot of pressure on us to write and record our new album, so here we are, drinking coffee to stay awake until 4am because in my opinion that's the best time to write a song.

I close my notebook that is as blank as it was a few hours ago and look at Anna who's bringing three coffees to our table. "What took you you so long?" - Mia asked. "See that cute guy over there? His name is Arran" - Anna says with a smirk on her face. "You don't change" - Mia replies and Anna rolls her eyes "I'm just making new friends!". 

"Speaking of boys" - I say - "Where's Alex?" - Alex is our drummer who was supposed to meet with us half an hour ago. "He's always late, he'll probably say his car broke down." - Mia says and we all agree. Alex is always late for everything and uses the same excuses all the time. Ten minutes later the door of the coffee shop opens showing a black haired and tattooed guy as we all know as Alex.

"I'm so sorry, my car broke down!" - He says while he sits next to us. We all start laughing, probably too loud, already expecting this answer. "So that explains that hickey on your neck" - I say while his cheeks turn into a light pink. "Hhmm...that was hmmm..." "We got it, you don't have to explain" - I say still laughing and he gives me a half smile. We've been discussing our new ideas for our album for an hour now and not even the caffeine is enough to keep me full awake. I close my eyes in an attempt to forget about this headache that never goes away but suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey!" - I hear a voice and turn around to see a tall blonde guy behind me. Luke Hemmings. The real Luke Hemmings. The fucking lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer. My jaw drops and I hear a sound behind me and see that Mia spat her coffee on the table, probably as chocked as I was. "Oh, are you okay?" - Luke asks while he laughs - "Do you need a napkin?" - he gives her a napkin and smiles. "Uh, no, uh I'm just a huge fan" - she forces a smile because of the embarrassment. "Really? Me too!" - Luke says. 

"You what?" - I ask in disbelief.



I know this chapter is really short but it's just because it's the first one and I want you to understand the story.

Hope you liked it!



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