America x Neko reader (America's great leader.....Of sex :3)

your a lost kitten who's been thrown onto the streets.Until a Handsome fellow Named America comes up to you and takes you home what happens when he finds out that his kitten is actually a GIRL!??!?!? (Hetalia fanfic)


1. The Great meet

THIRD P.O.V A lost kitten named,(Y/N) was again thrown out onto the street by it's other master.(Y/N) had no luck on finding another home no one wanted a cat,Now a days people want dogs or birds.(Y/N) was just a little kitten (Author:XD sorry continue v.v) 1 day a handsome man named America found (Y/N) in a trashcan.He said to the little kitten "Awwwwwww,Who would leave such a cute little kitten in the middle of the street,Poor you ;~; (Author:I know it's sad*Graps tissue*) (Y/N) said "Pls take me home with you...."But to America it only said like a sad "Mew!". ALFRED'S P.O.V(or america -.-)I said to the poor little kitten "Want to go home with me?"All i heard was a happy "Mew!" "I guess thats a yes ^-^"I grabbed the kitten gently,And put her in my coat(Author:I don't know if it's a coat or jacket -.-) (2 Minutes later cause america wanted to grab a burger -.-,Also still america's P.O.V)"WHERE HERE!" THIRD P.O.V America slammed the door open,Which made (Y/N) flintch a little and go deeper into Alfred's jacket.Alfred said "Oh sorry little kitten"(Y/N)just said"It's okay"But to Alfred it sounded like a "Mew!,Mew!"            SORRY THIS WAS A SHORT CHAPTER!,Sorry i just started so don't mind my bad grammer i promise i'll make more chapters Gomenasai!

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