The Someone else Book one

Vincent Fouche is abused by his father after his mother's death.He goes on a Grade Eight initation campand there he becomes someone else.......


1. Tuff life

"Vincent!!",the anger vioce boamed trough the flat.

"Yes dad?"Vincent asked standing in the headbedroom's doorway.

"It-is Father!Not Daaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaad!"his father bellowed in anger.

"Yes father."he reapeted.Vincent was a slender frame boy with dark brown eyes and hair.

"Fistly you did n't make my Bed!Secondly Do Not call me dad!"he said pulling out a whip.

"Turn!",his father said.

Vincent stepped near and turned and wih his back facing his father.

Five whipes cracks hit him on his back.

After his father said,"Make my bed.And do not spil blood."

"Yes Father he said."

He made the bed and went to pack his for the Grade Eight initation camp..


Author 's Note 

I am not abondoning The Heir of Him it is just a filling idea to get more views.

Please read Heir of him if you did not read it.

Thank you

Pleasent day from

the Snow Owl

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