The Someone else Book one

Vincent Fouche is abused by his father after his mother's death.He goes on a Grade Eight initation campand there he becomes someone else.......


2. The Someone else

The next morning  his father dropped him off,and litterly.Dropped him off.Without  bidding him goodbey!

The Prefects were already rounding up the grade eiths.He fell in line with the rest. and got on the bus!


Their first activity was a balancing on a pole.Next was swimming and ater that was lunch.

After Lunch they were each showed to their rooms.There was 15 kids in a Drimitory!

After that they played  indian war signs!


That night late when the whole camp was asleep.Vincent walked to the bathroom.There was a sudden loud crack!

Rain came pouring down on him.He stumbled across the dark  pavement.Sudenly he stumbled nad fell.He slid a few feet along the water.When he came to a Halt he was covered in mud and his elbow were covered in blood as well as his knees.

The pain was unbearable.He lay there,tears came from his eyes...

"Why?....Why God?Why me by all the billions of people in the world...."he asked sobbing.

From out a window a prefect stood waching the Poor child sobbing.His Room had a  double bed and a bathroom.Along with a table and two chair.

He walked to the door and took his Umbrella.

Out side vincent felt a warm ligt on him.

"What are you doing here"asked a voice

"Leave me alone."Vincent sobbed

"I am not leaving you here.."said the voce and Picked him up.

Vincent did not bother to fight back.

When Vicent was carried into the Suite he looked and it was a Prefect.

He was shocked,Prefects are cold hearted  and Non-caring!

"Who are you?Master?"he asked

"Call me Liam"said the Prefect





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