The Someone else Book one

Vincent Fouche is abused by his father after his mother's death.He goes on a Grade Eight initation campand there he becomes someone else.......


5. The bond

Liam layed the sleeping boy onto the bed and got out of bed and got dressed.He left the room going to Vincent's dormitory.It was not hard to know what bed was Vincent's.It was the only unoccupied one.The rest of the dormitory was fast asleep.He rolled up Vincent's sleepingbag.Packed the backpack and left.


"Hooi!Boy!It is time to get up!"said a voice.Vince opened his eyes and sat up.He did not regonise his surroundings.Then suddenly the memories of the night before came flooding back to him.

"Your clothes are in the bathroom.You may use it.There is ten minutes before the rest of the group wakes up.Please shower."


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