The Someone else Book one

Vincent Fouche is abused by his father after his mother's death.He goes on a Grade Eight initation campand there he becomes someone else.......


3. Secrets

The prefect placed him on the bed,slowly removing Vincents pajama top.The cleaned the fresh wounds but stopped at the shoulders where the tip of the wip mark was."Turn on your stomach..please?"

Vincent did and revealed five long cuts over his back.Liams hands traced the marks.He asked him again to turn over.While Vincent did so.Liam whent to the on-suite bathroom and brought back a towel.He placed it over Vincent's middle and removed the trousers,covering the boy's groin.

He cleaned the knees and feet.It was then when Liam spoke again,this time more with emotion.

"You do not have to go back tonight.Each one of us,prefects,must choose a slave.You will be mine.The task that I give you is what you must peform.Only you may deney those that puts your life and beings in danger,or that is inapropriate."he said. 

He threw Vincent a shirt that was long enough to his knees..Vincent threw it over his head.And climed into the bed.The Prefect went into the bathroom and minutes later came out in only his briefs.The faint line of his groin could easily be seen.

Before Vincent could lay down the light was of.He fell into a nightmare,a memory about five weeks ago....

"You are worhless!Nothing!Do you have a brain?A Spine?"his father asked spitting every word like a snake."You can't clean the floor,you can't polish the ding room table,and what about my bed?!Go to your room!"

Vincent did.And he waited and waited.Then out of nowhere there stood a young woman in blonde hair.She smiled cunningly.Closing and locking the door.She took off her clothes and pinned him to the bed.Kissing him.Then her long nails creeped up his shirt.She removed it.She kissed again.He struggled when she moved to his Jeans.Removing it,lining out his torso.She kissed him,and removed his briefs.She raped him.





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