I Hate Loving You

He wen-lang marched down the Courthouse hallway with a murderous stare."She's a dead women when I find her." He growled making his way towards the receptionists desk."Excuse me could you please call an Ava Schneider to the lobby for me she just got done in court."He said oozing enough charm to make a normal person throw up, The receptionist was dumb and fell for his charms so she called her to the front lobby while He wen-lang went to stand out of seeing range. "You won't be able to avoid me this time.." He mumbled while tapping his foot impatiently. After a couple of minutes he saw her walking towards the front desk...


1. The Encounter


Ava has always been an independent woman who prefers doing thing's herself but that all changed when He wen-lang Aka Roger stumbled into her life..

A Week Ago... Beep beep beep, "Ugh." Ava groaned groggily as she awoke from her deep sleep. "Stupid alarm clock." She huffed angrily at the alarm clock that awoke her from the dream she's been having a lot ever so recently...Sighing Ava rubs her head trying to think back on that dream but all she could remember was the name Roger..." Why does this name seem so important.." she mumbles to herself as she sit's up and put's on her slippers she keeps by her bed to make sure her feet don't freeze because of the wooden floors, walking into her kitchen she instantly grabs the coffee pot for her morning boost of energy. "I don't have the time for this uselessness." she complained while picking up her phone to call her best-friend Sunshine. "Hey!" Sunshine yelled/whispered into the phone. " Why aren't you here yet! The boss has been looking for you all morning! I had to cover your ass for you and tell her you went to the bathroom get down here now!" She hissed hanging up, Ava laughed at her friends over reaction while she put down her phone to go get dressed. " I wonder why Juna (The boss) is looking for me.." She thought to herself as she grabbed a pair of Halfway descent Skinny jeans that had a small rip on the knee with a white Tank-Top that had not been worn before out of her closet and put them on quickly, running to her bathroom she gargled some mouth wash and brushed her hair as quickly as possible, smiling at her reflection, she thinks she looks decent enough and rushes to her front door putting on her shoes and grabbing her Black leather jacket that has her work ID on it, as she was about to shut the door she remembered she lefter her keys in side. "Shit!" She exclaimed running back inside and grabbing them off of her coffee table, slamming the door shut and making sure she heard it lock she rushes to the emergency stairs. "It'll be faster this way." She says giving herself a little hope before she starts running down the Eight flights of stairs. "I hate living on the eighth floor." she mumbled while she sprints down the last floor into her apartments lobby. Visible exhausted Ava rest for a moment giving a reassuring wave to the strangers who are walking by, silently she gets her keys out of her coat pocket and makes her way towards the front door so she can finally head to work. Walking outside she breathes in a deep breath of fresh air. "Yum." She sighs as she makes it to her motorcycle. "Lets get to work!" She exclaims starting to speed out of the parking lot when she accidentally collides with a man who came out of no where. "What the fuck!" She yells at the man from no where as he helps her get out from under her motorcycle. "Sorry." The man said plainly while Ava dusted herself off. "Sorry? Now i'm even more late for work and on top of that why didn't you watch where you were going?" She fumed obviously furious. "Maybe you were just being careless and not paying attention." He suggested trying to put the blame on her. "Whatever." She hissed. "What's your name? I need it for insurance purposes." She growled while she took out a notepad and pen. " He wen-lang but I go by roger." The guy said bored as he checked his watch. Ava fumed at his ignorance to the situation.. "Just give me your number I need to get to work!" Ava demanded as she took out her luckily not broken phone. "656-980-0987 is getting in wrecks your way of asking men for there numbers?" He asked sarcastically while rolling his eyes obviously not interested in the situation.."Like you're good enough for that."She growls while giving him a deadly glare ."I'll call later you better answer Roger." Ave said as she put her bike on the kickstand and went to call a taxi while letting the man go his own way for now. "Ignorant bastard." she exclaims while the taxi pulls up, opening the door she gets inside when suddenly it hit's her. "Why does his name sound so familiar." She murmurs while fighting off a sudden headache. "Whatever I'll figure it out later!" She huffs as the cab heads towards traffic..

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