I Hate Loving You

He wen-lang marched down the Courthouse hallway with a murderous stare."She's a dead women when I find her." He growled making his way towards the receptionists desk."Excuse me could you please call an Ava Schneider to the lobby for me she just got done in court."He said oozing enough charm to make a normal person throw up, The receptionist was dumb and fell for his charms so she called her to the front lobby while He wen-lang went to stand out of seeing range. "You won't be able to avoid me this time.." He mumbled while tapping his foot impatiently. After a couple of minutes he saw her walking towards the front desk...


2. Falling into place

Walking into the entrance to my work place I hold my paper work over my face and duck down behind the cubical's as my boss walks by. "Phew." I whisper making my way to my desk, Standing in an upright position I plop down into my chair and play with a pen thinking back on today's current event. Damn he was a douche bag I thought to myself and threw the pen at my cubicles wall, Looking around to make sure no one noticed my sudden fight of rage I take my phone out of my back pocket and put in the guys number. "Don't think I won't sue you If you don't pay for damages!" I texted to him still fuming over his cocky attitude, sighing I lean back into my chair waiting for for Sunshine and Luna to come and nag at me for being late. Suddenly a hand pulls my chair back and I see two fuming girls. "Speak of the devil, You guy's are right on time." I said laughing. "So what do my two wives have to nag to me about today." I said sarcastically while turning my chair around to look at them. "I don't know maybe explain why we had to get are asses ripped a new one for you." Luna hissed, Laughing I blow them both a kiss. "Because you guy's love me." I  said while looking around. "Where's June anyway?" I ask. "I'm not ready for her to take my ass and hand it to me on a platter." I said shivering at the very thought of her yelling at me. "She left the office for the day." Sunshine said with a huff. "I wish she would chew your ass." She said cursing me. "Thanks, Love you too." I said sarcastically giving her a fake smile, suddenly my phone guys off.. Opening the message I huff in disbelief at this guys ignorance. "Go ahead." He texted with a smiley face. "Okay." I said, just watch me I will I thought to myself. Turning back around I noticed that Luna and Sunshine had left. "Wow jerks." Was the last thing I said when I hear. "In my office now!" Right behind me..

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