What happens if you take an oddball of a girl and a person she hates to the core of hell and handcuff them together? Well let's find out shall we?


1. Cuddle fish

"what are you drawing?"a friend of mine asked as she looked over my shoulder curious again to see a very detailed version of a shaded circle I did in math class.

"Still a circle."I said moving my hands so she could see it again. I usually had trouble in math and ended up drawing all over my work.but you don't pick up a snake before asking 'is it harmless?'.

She just opened her mouth in an O before continuing her work. Inspiration is everywhere. I can't work anyway since I have another couple of idiots behind me that won't shut up and one I hate pacing odd glances as though to say 'i know what your doing.your much longer before she says something random again.'

In all honesty I do that on purpose.breaks tension along with creating it. Sam texted me earlier today about a get together.she was going to bring a few of her friends with her.

I sighed slightly knowing what was heartbreak. The three things I advoid but I enjoy watching it when it's not me. I glance at tbe clock seeing five minutes left.i grin knowing what I was about to do as I slowly raised my hand.

Mrs.morgan looked up from her computer. "Yes Elizabeth?"she said in that teacher knkw it all voice that people somehow like. *Sarcasm*

"Never cuddle a cuddle fish."I stated matter of factly meeting her gaze straight on as though to say I have done so and it is no fun. I never cuddled one anyway.Not that I was going to.

The class groans as I put my hand back down on my desk giving that dumb clueless blond look I have managed for so many years.

Mission accomplished.

The bell rings a moment later and I grab my bag and stuff my work in my binder filing in with the other kids eager to get to Sam's house for the night. I just need to get there.

"Elizabeth lean Jones get back hear now last warning."Sams voive yelled determined.

"Sounds more like a threat to me."I called back throwing my hands up in the air mockingly . 

I hear running and as I looked back just in time to see JT grab my arms to my sides carrying my back to the car where Dixie waited with a rope.

I kicked and thrashed but he was surprisingly strong. But anyone is I just dont like to go there.

"Damn it ET put me the hell down!"I screamed .

he shrugged letting my feet barley touch the dirt ground as Dixie ties the rope in a tight knot.

"Chill out Liz what can go wrong?"a voice I could recognize anywhere mocked me leaning over the cars hood his green eyes looking at me amusingly.

"Chill out maggot im only going to hit you very hard in the jaw."I said trying to gain my balance as I hopped over towards him red faced sice they tied my feet together.

He smirked teasingly poking my nose. I narrowed my eyes at him as JT had enough sense to back up slightly.

"Touch my nose again you idiot."I growled looking up at him.

He just laughed. "Or what Cuddle Fish?"he said in a high pitch dumb voice poking my forehead.

"That's it"I said lunging forward letting my head hit his stomach hard knocking each other off our feet. He pushed me off before I could slam my head down again throwing me over his shoulder like a sack and .in the trunk. He is going to die.

As soon as it shut I let myself rest knowing it wasn't much use and I was out of breath. Just wait you idiot I'm going to get you back. I fiddle with a ring on my finger hiding a small knife as I slide it off and began loosening the ropes. Just a small gadget I bought off of Pinterest that I'm not loosing anytime soon.

What else could go wrong? There are so many ups to this down right now.Besides who knew  Sam had a potato sack and rope in her car?

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