What I've Become

I've always been that beautiful friend. With those sea blue eyes and that gorgeous blonde hair. That slim frame and that kind heart. You know, that perfect popular girl. One day though, EVERYTHING changes and nothing is EVER the same again. And look at me. Look at what I've become. I'm not the same person I once was, I've changed. Changed too much to even recognize myself anymore. And I'm dangerous. Almost too dangerous.


3. School

"Ok so tell me again, what's the big homework assignment?" Carl asks for the 80th time.

"Jesus! Can you like, pay attention sometime?!" I give him a glare and walk on, ignoring the fact that he's following. We pass Misty's locker and she jumps in right next to me.

"You do know that he actually knows what the assignment is right? He's just finding an excuse to annoy and/or talk to you." I roll my eyes and playfully bump her, sending her knocking into the lockers laughing.

"Carl, you talk to me every single day. You live right across the street from me. We sit on the bus together. And your telling me you want to talk more??" I laugh but inside I'm kinda overjoyed. I've always liked Carl. He's such a fun guy! He's got cute messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes (like me) and he adores kids and he's so funny. His laugh is the best and I love the way his smile forms when he's happy. He loves hugs and he's always there to listen to whatever I have to say. I'm kind-of an insecure being and Carl is always trying to push me out there, an as much as I hate it, I appreciate that he cares. He always listens to my worries and my doubts and my fears an I dunno, he makes me feel better. Carl laughs nervously at my little joke and elbows me playfully in the ribcage.

"Shure. That's exactly it. It's not because I'm dumb or anything. It's because I want spend more time with you." He winks an laughs and we all join in on his laughing.

"Be serious tho! Like what is your deal anyway?" I say giving him this look of sheer confusion. Like he always asks me the same questions about our homework but he's literally so smart and knows like everything. But he's not a nerd. He's more of a super smart cool guy. We've been best friends since like forever! And I mean Shure I like it a bit, he's cool, but I've never seen him as a boyfriend. Or anyone else for that matter.

"Uhm I dunno. I jus seem to forget stuff when I'm around you......" He trails off an looks down sheepishly.

"Agh! I'm sorry I embarrassed you didn't i? It's ok Carl. You don't have to answer that." I give him a hug and he smiles wide.

"Well, while you two love birds realize your undying love for each other I have class. Catch ya later!" Misty says giggling and darting off to the left into her next class. I give Carl a look displaying my thoughts of what-the-heck-is-she-talking-about-like-she's-so-silly and he jus smiles back at me. He has such a cute smile and he smiles all the time at like everyone. I smile right back at him.

"I'll meet you on the bus ok? And then we can do our science project at Dairy Queen and also throw in some studying." I say to him before heading into History.

"Okey doke." He replies and walks away. I watch him go. Kinda regretfully. I wish I would have said more. But I didn't. When I walked into class I was greeted by just about everyone there. I'm very popular ya see. Just about everyone knows me and apparently I have fans because the other day some 6th grader came into the school and walked up to me and said "I've my whole life to meet you. Your a legend." An then she hugged me really tight and asked for my autograph. Then she walked away squealing. I don't understand it but ok. I'm just like any other average 10th grade student but alright. I guess being the daughter of the mayor gets you more perks than I thought!

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