Tales from under the stars

Dedicated to everyone who's wondering if I'm writing about them.
I am. //Collection of poetry from the most beautiful and normal things in life//


2. The world burns

To me, the world burns.         

It’s the fire in her eyes and the color of her hair that makes me believe this. It’s the screams in the middle of the night, and the kisses in the candlelight. It’s the poetry in a world that only just learning the alphabet, and our heartbeats as if it were one big symphony. It’s the people that walk the streets with wonder burning in their eyes, and the hands that try to grasp the millions of stars above us. 

It’s the fire burning our skin as we try to relive the love that is long gone, even though we both know it. It’s the tears rolling down his cheeks as he tries to collect the pieces of himself that is spread all over the floor like the moonlight.

To me, the world burns. And it never stops, not even in the most beautiful moments. 

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