Tales from under the stars

Dedicated to everyone who's wondering if I'm writing about them.
I am. //Collection of poetry from the most beautiful and normal things in life//


5. The small moments

The most beautiful moments in life are the small ones. It’s the moment where I exhale and you inhale, like we were one machine, only working to keep each other alive. It’s the moment where you lit the sparklers, and a rain of stars roll down your hands, only to bounce off, like you were the endless void.

It’s the moment where I let my hair down, only to stand up in the wind, feeling the freedom soar over me like the ocean waves. It’s the moment where our eyes met across the room, pouring all our deepest secrets and fears into the brief connection, before it breaks and our eyes sail out in the room again, like ships in a storm.

It’s the moment we break free from the kiss, lips still burning and the need for air fills us, only to give in to the embrace again, because the need for each other is greater.

Yes, indeed, the small moments are the most beautiful. 

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