Tales from under the stars

Dedicated to everyone who's wondering if I'm writing about them.
I am. //Collection of poetry from the most beautiful and normal things in life//


3. The mad ones

The people I like the best are the mad ones. Those who burns with a love and passion for life so deep, that it would take a lifetime to explore. Those who wake up in the middle and the night filled with wonder while sneaking outside, so they can gaze at the millions of stars above them.

It’s the ones who sing the loudest, and scream at the top of their lungs, just to live life to its fullest. It’s the ones who stop dreaming about it, and start doing it. It’s the ones who laugh the weirdest and light up their room with old, roman candles and go on a journey in the darkest hours only armed with sparkles and eyes full of madness.

To me they are like a magic eight ball, unbelievable and only for those who are crazy enough to like them anyway. 

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