The Holiday House Squad

Eighteen years later, when their children have grown up. Along with seven friends, Sophie (Kate and Jake's daughter), Liam (Rachel and Dan's son) and Ava (Mel and Dylan's daughter) cause romance, anger, cheating and a little bit of heat in the original holiday house that their own parents met in...


6. Sophie

Oh my god my head's spinning. I know I'm meant to help Nathan but I'm also going to enjoy this party. I've had four shots, all by myself. I know, I'm a loner. I throw a glass over the bar counter but lose my balance. The chair seems to slip out under me and I fall straight into a guy's pair of arms. I look up and see Noah grinning. He sits me back on the bar chair and climbs onto the one next to me. Oh fuck he's gorgeous.

"I guess that's how I'm forgiven for ruining your pillows?" He puts his elbow on the table and stares at me cheekily. Fuck he's sexy.

I smile and wrap my arm around the back of his neck, bringing his face centimeters from mine. I lift up my chin and grin.

"Not even close." He wants to kiss me. I know he does. I can tell. I want to have fun so I pull away and lean back smirking.

"Awh, why do you do this. You know you can't resist me." He pulls my body around on the stool so that I'm facing him entirely. 

"Get over yourself." I giggle.

"Why?" He smirks as he hops off his chair. "I like your dress." He whispers seriously, staring at my body. It's a short, black bodycon.

"Thank you, so do I." I whisper back narrowing my eyes, still giggling. He opens my knees and steps between them, looking at me.

"Come on," He shakes his head towards the door to upstairs. "Let's have some fun." He rests his forehead on my smiling, showing his white teeth. He puts his hand on my jaw and our lips finally touch. His tongue licks over mine for a while before he pulls away. "Oh my god let me fuck you please!"  butterflies rise from my stomach. 

"Let's do it!" We both quickly make for the door before I turn to see Nathan. He's crying. "Oh fuck." I let go of Noah's hand.

"You ok?" 

"Nathan, he's crying." I point to him. "I'm sorry, I promise it will happen but I really need to help him."

"Don't worry babe, sometime?"

Fuck you Nathan! I was about to have the best sex of my life! I run over to him, who's slouched in the corner of the room. "Oh my god Nathan what happened?!" I sit down next to him. He points straight ahead to a tall, very blond guy making out with one of the strippers.

"I'm such an idiot."

"No, you're not! These things happen to everyone, it's not your fault."

"Ok but that still doesn't make me feel better."

"He doesn't deserve you anyway and you don't deserve him, you're completely different people that would't get along in a proper relationship. One day you'll find the one but you're young and your heart's broken so it's going to hurt now."

"Am I dreaming?"

"Not now but you will be soon." I pull him up and put his arm over my shoulder. "You're going to bed mate."

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