The Holiday House Squad

Eighteen years later, when their children have grown up. Along with seven friends, Sophie (Kate and Jake's daughter), Liam (Rachel and Dan's son) and Ava (Mel and Dylan's daughter) cause romance, anger, cheating and a little bit of heat in the original holiday house that their own parents met in...


2. Sophie

"And this is yours I think, Soph." Ava opened the door to my new room before quickly pulling away Noah, Mia and Liam to show them to their rooms. "We'll see you in like thirty minutes in the lounge or something."

"Cool, thanks."

I closed the door behind me and my mouth dropped open. Nicest. Room. Ever. Imagine pale white walls with dark wooden furniture. A balcony behind sliding full size windows, over looking the pool and garden with flowing, white thin curtains. A bed that's half as tall as me, big enough to fit three people along with seven different white pillows. A TV and sofa, both huge. Fuck this is amazing! 

Just as I finished unpacking someone knocked at the door. I went over and opened it so see Noah grinning. 

"Fuck, your's is amazing too."

"I know right, do you want to come in?"

"Yeah, let's see." He looks around before jumping onto the bed which has now lost it's plumpness. 

"Thanks." I tilt my head and glare at him.

"No problem, I've done it to the last three rooms."

"Is that why you came in?"

"Yep. Oh wait no, Ava asked me to tell everyone we're going the the squirrel pub or something for dinner soon."

"Oh ok thanks. Now get off my bed before you ruin the pillows." He looked up at me, a weird expression on his face.

"What... these pillows?" He pointed to the ones on my bed.

"Don't you dare!" He jumped up and landed on every single one, de-plumping all of them. 

"Bye babes." He got up and walked towards the door smiling happily.

"Fuck you."

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