Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //




Chapter 3.


Safia’s belly was softer than her rough scale, and there was nothing more comforting than her twisting her body around his shoulder. He wasn’t crying anymore, he didn’t feel anything. Salazar just sat in the darkness of the depth of Hogwarts. The chambers he had found beneath the castle, was huge and made him feel more alone than ever, but it was the only place he could be alone. The spell he had cast upon the entrance, made it impossible for anyone to pass unless their words were in parseltongue, the magic that made him capable of speaking with Safia.

He took a deep breath, feeling the snake’s scale against his cheek. He didn’t know for how long he had been down in the chamber, but surely long enough for everyone to be looking for him. He couldn’t risk anyone finding the secret chamber, and finally got on his feet, ready to leave.

As he left the passage to the chamber, he could already hear the voices of thousands of upset students running around the halls. Godric had probably made everyone search for him, and he felt a rush of guilt as he remember Godric’s face after the beating.

The students fell quite as he entered the corridors, but none of them dared speaking to him as he moved for the gargoyle. The steps up felt longer than ever, but he wished they were longer, when he finally stood in front of the oak door. He didn’t knock this time, but just stepped inside to the eyes of his fellow teachers.

Godric looked terrible, still bloody and covered in bruises, but he got up as Salazar entered. Helga wouldn’t met his eyes, so he decided not to look at any of them, not even Godric.

“Salazar, “ he couldn’t make himself say sorry, not even when Godric said his name with such softness.

“I will leave the castle, “ the words surprised even him.

“No, “ Rowena was the first to answer.

“I will leave and never come back. “

He finally met the eyes of Godric. He was silent.

“I’m sorry, “ he said as he left. 

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