Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //




Chapter 2


Milianium expectrum, “ he whispered as he stood in front of the birdlike gargoyle guarding Godric’s office. As the huge stone figure swung aside and the staircase started to move, Salazar almost regretted following the words of the note. He didn’t want to look Godric in the eyes, his best friend, if this would be the last time. But, as he reminded himself, there was no guaranteeing that Godric knew the truth. Evidence no longer existed for the massacre, and it would be Rowena’s words against his own, if she had told Godric.

The three knocks on the wooden door didn’t awake Godric, since nobody answered. Salazar gently pushed the heavy oak aside, and stepped inside a spiral room with no signs of Godric. The walls were all naked and not many furniture dressed the room, other than a mahogany desk filled with scrolls, quills and ink. It was a long time since Salazar had entered this room, but it used to be more tidied.

“Salazar, my friend, “ he froze as Godric’s voice came from the separate room, up a couple of small stairs. Godric was standing at the top, looking more tired than ever, his face worried and his body hunched. Even though he didn’t feel like he should care, Salazar didn’t like seeing him like this, the man who had always been the strongest of them.

“Why so secret about our meeting? “ Salazar asked, and watched every movement of his friend. Godric came down the stairs, one step at the time, as if it hurt him to take the walk. It was strange though, that he had send a student with the message to meet, and the words seemed secretive, as if they worried if the Slytherin boy would peek.

Godric stopped at the edge of the last step. He watched Salazar with heavy eyes that seemed bloodshed, as if he had cried. Salazar couldn’t remember a time where he’d seen the strong lion cry.

“Why didn’t you just tell me? “ Godric finally said as their eyes meet. “All these years, I worried and I prayed that it hadn’t been you that day. “

Salazar didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t bear the sorrow in Godric’s eyes. The green snake didn’t move or even blinked, it was silent, which could only mean something had been broken inside the man’s soul. He did look like a broken man, as they watched each other for a long time.

“You didn’t need to know, “ Salazar finally said. His voice was steady and calm, but inside he wanted to scream. Some part of him wanted to beg for forgiveness, but another, a proud and broken part, wouldn’t let Godric look at him with those eyes. If they should part now, it might as well be for good.

“Didn’t need to know? You killed them all! And Rowena - “ he sighed. “Of course she figured it out the day we met, but she didn’t tell me, not after – “

“Not after what? You started to care? Caring is weakness Godric. “

Salazar took a deep breath, anger filled his chest like a fire. He wondered for a second if he was actually powerful enough to ignite and catch fire to himself and the school.

They killed my sister, “he spat out the word, and couldn’t make himself say their name, muggles. Filthy blood that’d always been envious at magicians.

“No, that’s where you’re wrong, “ Godric now seemed just as angry as Salazar. He was shouting, and the green was moving like he was the one soon to lit up the school. “Muggles didn’t kill your sister! There were wizards present that day too Salazar! Wizards who could have stopped everything, but chose not to – “

He stopped, everything inside him seemed to calm as he realized the effect of his words. Salazar was shaking.

“Salazar, please, you must understand, “ he didn’t finish the sentence. Salazar jumped through the room, his fist colliding with Godric’s face, as they both tumbled to the ground, Salazar on top. As he locked Godric with his bodyweight, he started punching. He kept hitting and hitting the face of the man he loved so much. Blood scattered across his fists and Godric was bleeding from several wounds, when a scream caught him off guard long enough for Godric to push him off.

Helga was still screaming when Rowena entered the room. In two steps, she was in front of Salazar, raising her hand ready for a punch, when something made her hesitate. Salazar hurried to his feet and pushed his way past the women and down the staircase. It wasn’t until he reached the bottom, he realized what had made Rowena freeze. He was crying.  

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