Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //



7 years Later

Chapter 1. 


Salazar watched the hat placed between them at the table, Godric’s old, moldy hat. Apparently, this would choose students for each house instead of them, and Salazar was anything but pleased.

“Are you sure this will work? “ even Helga didn’t sound convinced, she frowned by even looking at the hat. Rowena said nothing, maybe she really did trust Godric - like she had never trusted Salazar.

“Of course it will, “ Godric sounded tired. He was only 30-years-old, but gray stings already showed in the long, brown hair. Salazar scowled at him. The past year hadn’t been their best. Godric seemed tired of Salazar’s handpicking of the pure-bloods, but there was no way, he allowed a muggle into his house. Not even if the stupid hat said so.

“We do this tomorrow, and from now on, the Sorting Hat decides our students. “

Godric got up. Salazar watched him leave the room, and noticed Rowena now scowling at him.

“What? “ he snapped.

What? “ Rowena suddenly sounded more furious than he had ever heard before. “You know what. What happened to the boy who just wanted to please Godric? What happened to the man who chose the green color for his House, just because of his best friend? I actually thought you weren’t the k – “

“The what? “ now Rowena was crying. Helga tried to comfort her, but the woman was too furious, Salazar knew that kind of anger. He was afraid though, what was she about to say?

“I’ll tell you what happened to that boy! “ Salazar shouted, hoping this would make her from saying what he feared. But Rowena cut him off.

“I know what you did Salazar. “

He froze, the world seemed to stop breathing, or was it just him? Helga watched him with huge eyes, and Rowena was shaking all over her body, as if she would explode. But she did not say a word, before she left the room in a flash of blue, Ravenclaw’s color. Helga watched him, for the first time through all those years, with fear in her eyes. The chubby woman’s kind face was twisted in terror, but Salazar couldn’t tell if she was figuring it out, calculating the lies and connecting the facts. For minutes, none of them sat anything, what was there to say anyway? Then Helga vanished the same way they had all gone, away from him. Salazar left the room slowly, still watching the stupid hat. He would never let the Slytherin House accept a Muggle born, not after he’d seen what they were capable of.


He was searching for Rowena but she was not to be found in her room. Salazar could feel a growing pain in his stomach, as he raided the castle for any sign of her. He didn’t even know if she meant his past, the kills he had made, or something else. Rowena had never liked him, so why should she hide the truth from Godric if she knew?

“Sir, “ a students of his stopped him with a shout. Salazar turned around to face Millian Turner, a true pure-blood, chosen by family and Salazar. He was handing a piece of paper for his professor, and looked nervous which was unusual for the boy.

“Thank you, “ Salazar mumbled, and send him away without further conversation, even though now would have been the time to give points to his house. But now, he couldn’t think of anything else than the letter in his hand.  



Meet me behind the gargoyle, you know the words.

- Godric

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