Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //



Chapter 4



 “Expecto Patronum, “ Salazar exclaimed, but nothing happened. “Damn it. “

“You have to think of a happy memory, “ Godric laid his hand on his shoulder, making him relax in the cold morning. A happy memory, all Salazar could think of, was his times with Godric, but they were all clouded in fear. The constant fear of knowing that some time his friend would realize, what had truly happened that day.

“I don’t have a happy memory strong enough, “ Salazar snapped through clenched teeth. Godric ignored the hard tone in his voice. Instead, he moved closer, so close that Salazar could feel his body warmth and hear his breath.

“Think of your sister Salazar, “ he said it with care, as if he was afraid to trigger something. “Think of how much you love her. “

Salazar closed his eyes. The room disappeared, but Godric’s comforting, constant breath seemed to stay. His sister, Severina, he hadn’t thought of her for days, he wouldn’t. But maybe Godric was right, this wasn’t about remembering her Death, this was about her life.

Expecto Patronum, “ it was only a whisper, but the wand exploded as a snake appeared from the strange formation of blue light. It wasn’t for very long, it was barely a glimpse, but it was there. And all because he remembered when Severina had held him as a child, comforting him when no one else did.

The snake vanished, and left was only Godric’s smiling face, as he congratulated Salazar.  


“So he performed a Patronus? “ Rowena sounded as if she barely believed it. Salazar ignored her voice coming from the Great Hall, instead he continued through the huge doors and out on the open field. It was a sunny day, and it made Hogwarts ground much prettier to look at. He hadn’t walked for long, when a rattling sound in the grass, made him stop for a second. He looked down in the high grass, and there, between flowers and mud, was a long, shimmering white snake. He froze immediately. Still without a wand as he had only borrowed Godric’s, he would be defenseless if the snake attacked.

It slowly rose from the ground, it’s head coming closer and closer to Salazar. It cocked the head, so a black eye faced a terrified Salazar. Then he remembered his Patronus had been a snake, maybe there was something magical about this. Or maybe not, but it was worth a shot.

“Stay back, “ he didn’t feel brave at all, the words sounded foolish. As if the snake would stay back just because he exclaimed so. It didn’t move at all though, in fact it seemed to have frozen just as him.

Salazar tried to take a step back, and the snake hissed, but not as he had heard back when he was a kid and almost got bitten by a Viper. It hissed words.

Wizzzard, “he blinked, meeting the snake’s eyes.

“You understand me? “ he asked, feeling even more stupid. But the snake nodded, it actually nodded.

Name? “ he almost felt like laughing, maybe faint or something. This animal just asked for his name, and he answered.

Ssssalazzzar, “ it nodded again, and came closer through the grass. He didn’t feel afraid anymore, actually he felt calm.

Ssssafia. “

“You’re Safia? “

“Salazar, who are you talking to? “ Safia vanished through the grass quicker than the eye could follow. Salazar turned around facing Helga who, for the first time since he had met her, seemed worried.

“No one, “ he mumbled and went past her against the castle. He felt embarrassed but also frightened. Was it normal to talk to snakes? And if it wasn’t, did he dare to tell any of them about it? 

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