Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //



Chapter 3. 


Salazar woke up alone. He had fallen asleep in front of the burning fireplace, now there was nothing but coal left. There was no sign of Godric as he sat up on the floor, but a small note laid upon the table. As he unfolded it, he remembered everything that’d happened the day before, but he refused to let it overwhelm him.


Find us in the Great Hall – G.G


Salazar couldn’t help but stare at the old, grumpy portrait, as it swung aside for him when he left the common room. Apparently, the man was asleep, and didn’t notice him at all, but Salazar was sure that he was somehow aware of his presence.

The Great Hall was behind two, huge wooden doors that easily swung aside compared to their seize. The room was just as big and overwhelming as the doors. There were room for hundreds, but at the moment, the wooden tables were only occupied by four. Godric smiled as Salazar entered, and waved him to the middle table. Helga was already eating and Rowena seemed to drink a hot cup of water. Where they got their food was beyond Salazar, but he didn’t want to ask, he was still too tired.

“Good morning, “ Helga smiled with her mouth full of bread. Salazar growled in response, and sat beside her, across from Godric. Rowena scowled at him, but said nothing.

Salazar met the eyes of Godric.

“Tell me more about magic, I want to learn. “


They sat by the shore of a broad lake, with mirror surface and the reflection of the sun in the water. Salazar watched Godric as he swung his wand in beautiful motions, creating a floating feather. It hovered above the ground as if someone danced around with it in their hand. Wingardium leviosa, the spell that Godric had used.

“So you had a wand? “ Godric asked as the feather slowly approached the ground again.

“Yes, my father made one for me and – “ Salazar stopped himself before saying her name. “They took it from me. “

Godric handed him his wand, a long, beautiful carved stick made from white oak. “Try it. “

Salazar slowly embraced the wood with his hand, and somehow it felt even better than his own had. This was a magically feeling, as if they belonged. He smiled at Godric.

Wingardium leviosa, “ he swung the wand in the exact same movements as Godric, and after a couple of seconds, the feather rose from the grass.

“I knew you could do it, “ Godric laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “You’re stronger than you think Salazar. “

Salazar couldn’t help but smile, he felt proud but he knew how strong he was. He had destroyed a village with two words, but Godric could never know. He wanted this young man, to keep look at him with those green eyes and the kindness in the irises. He didn’t want this to change, no one had ever looked at him like this before. As if they were proud of him

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