Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //



Chapter 2. 


A huge castle.  

There was no other way to describe Godric Gryffindor’s Hogwarts. A huge, beautiful castle, bigger than anyone could imagine would go unnoticed in Scotland.

“How come you are not disturbed here? “ Salazar asked as the cart stopped before an enormous gate. Though the castle seemed new and magnificent, the opening was rusty and covered in weeds. As the cart moved closer to the building, it became more clear that this was an old place. The bricks were moldy and as they entered the Great Hall, it was cold and dark. There were nothing covering the floor other than dirt and dust, but still, it was impossible not to be amazed by the room. Stairs, as far as the eye could see above, moved from floor to floor, and Salazar almost cracked his neck trying to see the top.

“Marvelous, isn’t it? “ Helga Hufflepuff, a young, chubby woman with the kindest smile he had ever seen, smiled and gestured at the castle. Her fair-hair fell in a long braid down her back, as she moved towards the stairs.  

“No Muggles can see this place, “ Rowena Ravenclaw said, as the reply to his unanswered question. However, he didn’t quite understand it.

“What’s a muggle?”

“Someone without magic, “Godric was in front of him, the green eyes seemed to glow in the dark. Salazar froze. They knew about magic?

“No, there’s no reason to be afraid. We can all do magic. “

Salazar still looked frightened at Godric.

“How do you know I can do magic? “ He asked, afraid that they might have figured out what’d happened to the village people. But Godric sill smiled as he answered. “As Rowena said, no muggles can see this place. “

Their voices echoed in the corridors, as they moved further upstairs. Godric spoke as the passed the first couple of floors.

“We knew about a pure-blood family in the Southern Scotland, we came across the name in Rowena’s family Journal. The Slytherin-Family, “ Godric looked at Salazar as though he expected him to respond, but he said nothing, so they continued.

“I am so sorry that we were too late to save your sister. We left Hogwarts as soon as we heard about you two, young witches and wizards without training in their magic – it can go terribly wrong. “

Salazar still didn’t say anything. He couldn’t say his Father had taught him and Severina a few spells, among those Avada Kedavra. One of those he was specifically told never to use.

“What is this place? “he finally asked.

“This castle belonged to the Gryffindor-family centuries ago, and no one has claimed it since. We casted a few spells on it so no one would stumble upon it by accident, “ Helga seemed very thrilled by the tale, and she danced around in front of Salazar as she spoke. “We plan on using it for our students. “

Salazar frowned.

“Students? “

“You know, teachers and such as, “ Rowena snapped, rolling her eyes. Apparently, she didn’t share the same enthusiasm as Helga. They stopped in front of a portrait of an old man. It took a couple of seconds for Salazar to realize the man was moving.

“What-? “

“Don’t just stand there, the code word! “ The man exclaimed and rose his bushy eyebrow.

Proximallus Liquestions, “ Godric said, and the painting swung aside with the words: “You better remember that, “ aimed at Salazar.

“See you tomorrow my Ladies, “ Godric said and bowed at Rowena and Helga, who continued upstairs. Hesitantly, Salazar followed Godric through the door.

They came into a small room, with three made-up beds and a lit fireplace, so it was much more comfortable to stay in the castle. There were four armchairs and a tiny table in front of the fireplace, and blankets covered the floor and walls, making it all seem red in the glow from the fire. Godric sat down in one of the chairs, and faced Salazar with those eyes.

“I can understand if it’s all a lot to swallow, especially with your sister’s death, “ Godric sounded truly touched by his loss, which somehow made it harder for Salazar to control his emotions.

“Now, we won’t talk anymore tonight, I’ll let you mourn, “ Godric ducked his head and went to one of the beds. Salazar sat by the fireplace and stared at the flames. His body suddenly felt as heavy as by his sister’s grave. And finally it hit him, truly, she was gone. He wept as if his eyes would dry out and pop out of his skull. And made a promise that no one would ever make him cry like that again.  



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