When I Was On Earth

A list of data logs of mans exploration of space.


1. When I Was On Earth

Data Log #12

I've gotten kind of used to everything now. Obviously everything is different from when I was on Earth, but I think I've got the hang of things. The cold was the hardest part to overcome, but at least I know to stay away from the dark side of the moon now. I think loneliness will be the next challenge, I haven't been here long enough for it to be a problem but I can feel it creeping up on me. I miss being on Earth so much; I guess it's true that you don't notice the good things until they're gone.

Data Log #13

I guess it’s not all bad up here. The endless drifting can be relaxing at times and it’s not like I’m going to drift forever, I just push myself the other way when I want to go back. I get to think a lot too; think about all the stuff I did when I was back on Earth. I get to replay scenes in my head and think about how I could have done them differently or how things would have played out if I had said “yes” instead of “no”. Strange, my memory seems to work better now that I’m in Space.

Data Log #15

I spent the day sat on a satellite today; I hope I didn’t cause any issues back on Earth. Maybe someone on their phone heard me speaking. Not loudly of course but just in the background of their conversation. That would be nice, for someone to hear me again.

Data Log #18

I like sitting on the satellites now, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time on them. It's easier than just drifting, it’s like riding a bus around the Earth. I make sure to note on the Earth exactly where I am when I get onto a satellite, I find marks like the tip of Italy’s boot, just so I know when a day has gone past. Time kind of slips away up here, there’s nothing to really tell you when it's night time or day time. If I want I can suspend myself in one place and watch the world spin; that helps, but I miss watching the sun set.

Data Log #19

Why am I even writing these? Is it to keep me sane? Whose idea was this? At first I thought I had to throw them down to Earth but I’m sure they would burn up before they even reach whoever is down there to receive them. Maybe they would hit people on the head; I don’t want that, even if it is my only chance of communicating with the people back on Earth.

Data Log #22

I saw Mars today, it’s not as great as I thought but it was a nice vacation. I broke open a satellite to make myself something special, a sort of box that’s tied to a wire secured to my belt; I’m going to keep souvenirs in it. I’m sure whatever I did to the satellite won’t cause any problems back on Earth. In fact I’m pretty sure that nothing I do up here will have an effect. Earth is separate to me. The people there may as well be in another universe, there’s no link between Earth and me now. But still, I have some red sand and a rock now; that’s nice.

Data Log #25

I think I’m leaving a trail with these logs. I have just been leaving them around in Space for now thinking that surely somebody would pick them up; I guess I’m wrong. On my way back from Mars I’m almost certain I saw number sixteen. I know it was that one because it had a dent in it from a small cluster of rocks. I guess it has to be mine, it’s not like anybody else is up here writing pointless data logs.

Data Log #26

Maybe that wasn’t number sixteen; maybe that was somebody else’s data log. If it is then that must mean we swap. Maybe mine gets sent over to them and theirs gets sent over to me. Two Space’s linked by our data logs. I wonder what theirs would say; I wonder if they think silly thoughts like I do, I wonder if they will one day read this. I don’t think I will read theirs; I’d rather not know I’m wrong.  

Data Log #27

So what happens when I don’t write these? What if I just try and forget about them? I’ll take them from my pocket where they appear every time I wake up and just throw them away without a single word. Or maybe I won’t even take it from my pocket, then I will have two to keep; I guess that would be a little accomplishment.

Data Log #28

Nothing happened.

Data Log #32

The cold keeps bothering me. I don’t feel it but I know it’s there. My brain makes my skin shake and my teeth rattle. I know it’s all in my head but I can’t switch it off; I don’t want it to switch off, it keeps me human.

Data Log #34

I found a space station today. Not sure who it belonged to, there’s no trace of anybody anywhere but it’s nice to hang around it. It feels like a sort of home, I have a bedroom, bathroom; some seats and even a kitchen. I can’t see myself using the kitchen but it’s nice to have some feeling of being on Earth again. I’ll take a spacesuit out with me next time I go outside, maybe that would stop me from being so cold.

Data Log #37

I wonder if people miss me back on Earth. I wonder if they talk about me now, remembering the times we had together. I know I do; every day. I miss being on Earth so much.

Data Log #40

I moved the space station today, with just my fingers. It was amazing, and quite funny. It seems like I can do anything up here in Space. I woke up the other morning with a craving for hot chocolate and found some sitting in one of the kitchen cupboards. It was nice to drink it, to feel the heat flowing down my throat and smelling the sweet aroma; made me think of the hot chocolate back home, the way mum made it on winter afternoons after we came home from playing out in the snow. I hope she still makes it the same.

Data Log #45

I made it to Saturn today; Saturn was always my favourite planet. When I was younger my mum would always tell me that Saturn was my planet, that it would look after me and protect me; it was all to do with me being a Capricorn. My mum loved her astronomy.

Data Log #46

My mum would be so proud of me, sitting on Saturn’s rings thinking of her. I told him all about her - well as much as I could in one day. I know he’s just a planet but I feel as if he’s alive, I feel as if he listens to me and understands me. I’m going to stay here for a while; the days are easier around Saturn.

Data Log #50

I have spent the last few days telling all of my stories to Saturn apart from one. It’s hard for me to say or even to focus on. I know it’s there, I know I need to talk about it and think about it but I can’t. What will happen when I talk about it? Will I fall out of Space? Will I move to a brighter area of Space? Or will a ship finally come to take me back to Earth? I’m not sure which one I will prefer.

Data Log #53

I told him how it happened and nothing changed. I guess I’m relieved; I didn’t really want to leave. This is my land now, my universe, separate from Earth. I can do anything up here in my own personal Space. I’m happier now, I have spoken the words I needed, I have taken the story from my brain and placed it into Space. It is separate like me, it is free and I no longer fear it.

Data Log #54

I want to say goodbye. I will continue with my logs but they will be of no importance. They will be notes; they will be stories of my life back on Earth, theories of how things would have gone if I remained there. I only write them to give me something to do. I will float through this Space for the rest of time until I am done. I will create whatever I want out of the satellites and things that I find up here and see if I can build myself a city. I will be happy, I will be peaceful. I am happy, I am at peace, and now I can finally write it down…I am dead.

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