The Bad Girls's Good Boy

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" What the hell?! " I said while reaching for my phone that the devil took " you really need to start living. You can't live through your phone " he lectured me, AGAIN " you can't tell me what I can't an can do! You're not my dad or mum! I hardly even listen to my mom and dad so why should I listen to you?! " I spat at him " because I care " he said and took a deap breath " and because you're a bad girl, and I'm a good boy "


6. Chapter 6-Rules

Sofia's POV

I just kept crying on my bed while clutching my guitar. It hurt me to see the guitar cause it reminded me if how my dad died but somehow, it makes me feel closer to him. I know it's not my fault why dad died. It's my mum's fault. If she hadnMt left with Robert than maybe dad wouldn't have commited suicide and I wouldn't be staying here with them.

" But why do I feel like it's my fault? " I sobbed while placing my pillow on my face

" Imm afraid you're the only one who can answer that question, love " a deep, radpy voice said behind me. That Harry guy again

" What are you doing here?! Why are you in my room?! No, why are you in my house?! " I asked which made him scratch his neck

" You're parents- " he started but I cut him off

" Those two are not my parents. They'll never be my parents! They're just a couple of bitches and assholes! " I exclaimed which made him clench his jaw

" Very well. Robert and Charlene told me to watch over you " he said while I let out a dry laugh and shook my head

" Now they're gonna act all concerned. Well tell those two that I don't need their concern nor do I need you to guard me all the fucking time! You're only here to make sure I don't go to jail while they're away. That's all " I said and he noded while walking towards the door to leave

" But before you leave, I have some things to say " I said which made me stop his tracks and look at me with crossed arms

" First of all, I have some rules that you NEED to follow " I explained and he listened

" First rule, never call or text those two asshole and bitch. If I fo to jail, bail me out, I'll pay you back. I want that car, and I'm getting it " I and he sighed but I kept talking so he can't say anything

" Next, we're not close or friends so never give your opinion on anything I do. I want you to do what you are told and don't act like you're a friend or someone who's concern over me, cause you're not " I said and he clenched his jaw, I probably am offending him right now but I don't give a fuck about anything about him

" Lastly, never, and I mean NEVER fall for me. Never say anything about your feelings to me especially if it's about me. I don't have time for those shits so I don't care " I said and he noded his head

" Ok " he said and left.

' Maybe you went a bit too far ' my thoughts told me but I shook it off. I don't want to feel guilty about anything

Harry's POV

I have never met a more inconciderate person in my life! She called her own parents an asshole and a bitch for crying out loud. I don't wanna curse or judge her even if I can't help it. I'll do my best not to judge her

" Harry, is she alright? " her mum asked once I came downstairs

" Yes, she's bit of a hand full, but I'll take care of her, don't worry Charlene " I said and she noded

" Thank you Harry, please come back in 2 days. We'll be leaving by then " she said and I noded

" And bot to be nosy, but what happened to Sofia? " I asked but then regretted it once I saw her face fall

" It's my fault. It's ano long story and I'd rather not say if it's fine " she said and I quickly noded

" Ofcourse it is. I'm sorry for trying to get it out of you " I said and she noded with a fake smile

" Thank you " she whispered

I feel bad for her mum. But then again, I don't know he story to judge Sofia that easily. I don't think I'll ever want to know or find out either from the looks of it.

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