The Bad Girls's Good Boy

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" What the hell?! " I said while reaching for my phone that the devil took " you really need to start living. You can't live through your phone " he lectured me, AGAIN " you can't tell me what I can't an can do! You're not my dad or mum! I hardly even listen to my mom and dad so why should I listen to you?! " I spat at him " because I care " he said and took a deap breath " and because you're a bad girl, and I'm a good boy "


4. Chapter 4-A What Now?

Sofia's POV

I laid my hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it open. Pretty soon I was standing below a curly-haired, green-eyed boy. He was cute surprisingly

" Hi, uh, your parents told me to come get you " he said while scratching the back of his neck " no shit sherlock " I snickered and went downstairs

" Spill " I simply said while taking my phone out again " me and your dad- " my mom started but I cut her off " stepdad " I said withought taking my eyes off my phone " anyway, we're going out of town and- " she started " and? " I cut her off " and, Harry here, is going to babysit you since we don't trust you to be alone " she said and and I almost dropped my phone. She can't be serious

" What?! you're leaving me with someone that could possibly be a bastard?! " I exclaimed, I didn't care if Harry was listening or something " he isn't a bastard Sofia, watch your mouth! " she scolded me while I rolled my eyes " you know what, to make you say yes, we have something for you " she said an took out a pair of keys. CAR KEYS!!!

" Yup, we're giving you your own car, IF you behave yourself. I don't want to get a single phone call or text from Harry saying you went to prison again. I want you to be a good girl " she said and my eyes wide " a what now? " I asked and she took a sharp intake of breath because of annoyance

" A good girl "


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